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I have got multiple confirmations :

1) SAM Delhi

2) CAM Noida

3) Khaitan Noida

4) Induslaw Delhi NCR

5) Trilegal Gurgaon

6) AZB Noida

7) NDA (no clue about office yet?)

Which ones should I pick (max 3) for a PPO as batch of 2025 (t1 nlu with average grades)
Jahan humaare sapne poore hote hai wahan inke struggle shuru hote hai.

On a serious note, research about the teams which you've gotten confirmation for and the work that the they do. Talk around with seniors who've interned there to get a better idea about quality of work and culture. It often has less to do with the name of the firm than the team and partner due to varying approaches and cultures. Good luck OP.
None of these firms are good. Try A&O, but only their Paris office. The other offices are not that great. HSF is too small. You can also try Clifford Chance, London.
Would have had you actually managed to score any of the internship you claim to.
This ain't me but some unemployed litigator who wants to talk to everyone here.
CAM, KCO and AZB Noida dont give PPOs. NDA won't for sure. Indus Delhi is too toxic and picky with PPOs. Trilegal Gurgaon is your best bet. SAM Delhi has a one internship policy but very selective this year.
Bruh what the hell, I want to work in delhi ncr as it is my hometown. Would rather earn less than spend all my money in mumbai, I literally will save more in a 50k salary without paying rent, transport etc in delhi as compared to mumbai. wtf is wrong with firms
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