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Hi, upcoming internship. This will be my first. What will I be expected to do ? What do I need to know ? Does research assignments have a format to report back ? Please help
Maybe in ur time Associate. These days associates ghost you as soon as the work is completed as they don't wanna be accountable for callbacks/ PPO, which they give to their friends
As an (former) intern who ended up getting a ppo from a tier 2 firm -

1. Be available and proactive.

2. Accept all work that comes your way, even if it is marking pages and organising files. This is will build reliability and you will eventually be trusted with more complicated things.

3. Be open to learning and ask questions if and when you have doubts. It is not necessary or even possible for you to know everything but what is imp is your mindset.

4. Stick to deadlines and communicate if you will have a difficulty in meeting them.

5. Act and dress professionally.

6. Don’t sit idle for too long and ask for work if you have bandwidth.

That is all that is expected from you in your first internship. Know your basics of law and MS word and you will be fine.