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Any idea how much litigation chambers in delhi pay their juniors? Especially among senior advocates like Rajshekhar Rao, Harish Salve, Parag Tripathi, Percival Billimoria, Sai Deepk, Gaurav Pachnanda etc.
Spoke to an associate at Salman khurshid's chamber. She said for her it was 80k first 6 months and then 1L for the next 6 in her fresher year
Toh kisko leta hai. Also is it a good place to join as a fresher?
He does I guess. Not specifically targeting Kalman Surshid but in general, pls avoid Lawyer + Politican Combo. Abusive relatives who are chamber associates and many matters are settled through tactics. You become a pretty / intelligent Darbaan of politicians.

You get in such chambers through reference.
Hey, 0 Work Ex does not mean you are clueless about work. As far as I know, they do take small interview . You must be thorough with criminal and constitutional law. Must know drafting too !

Plus, increase is not that good in Kalman's chamber . You will be stuck in 1 L forever I guess.
You can switch in 1 year, and which out of law school grad knows drafting?
Pls check law grads/interns in NCR - mostly from State Uni. They become damn good by 4th /5th Year due to Lit internships.
He doesnt have any such state uni grads as his juniors, please check his website. And you are saying he only takes with references
At one place you are saying that he only takes through references then this. Please decide on what you want to say finally
Harish Salve will be shocked that you put him in that company!!!! 😄
Deepak doesn't pay. He sprouts virtues of Vedic virtues, cow piss and how to come up with bogus arguments on a skewed version of Dharma. Work for an Indic vision + civilisation don't expect any money, you anti national.

P.s. he hardly has any work- don't expect any pay.
Doesn't have any work?? He seems to be very busy with IP matters.
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