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For students entering in the academic year 2024-25:

1. BITS Law ₹60 lacs
2. IIULER ₹60 lacs

This includes tuition, hostel, and mess. If reasonable personal expenses are added for the five years, the total cost would be around ₹75 lacs. How many years to ₹1 crore?

Terrifying or terrific?
Nah, Jindal is not in the same league. A Mumbai or a Goa is a much better location than a Sonepat (even if everything else is the same).
Jindal bell....Jindal bell...

Jindal all the way.....

Jindal bell....Jindal bell...Jindal all the way.....

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Jindal bell....Jindal bell...Jindal all the way.....
Jindal fee is 47 lakhs. Totally not worth it. SCAM & waste of money as you get substandard services for that amount of money.
Yes, you are right. JGLS is around ₹47 lacs, not including any ancillary and personal expenses. Overall, it would be around ₹60 - ₹62 lacs for the entire five years. So it is one tier lower than BITS Law and IIULER, from a cost perspective. State NLUs and other private universities must be salivating at the prospect of fee increases still possible because of these expensive options and the availability of willing students/parents to pay them.
False info.

6.25 lakh per year is tuition fee only

Scholarship also available upto 75% of fee.

If you get scholarship, jindal fee equal to nlus
Yes, but only 1 percentile of LSAT takers get the scholarship, I did get it, but joined a mid tier nlu cause the scholarship is only applicable to tution fee and not other ancillary fees.
Konse nlu mein 30-35 lakh ka law course jiske liye ghar ka plot bechna Padey?
Hi, my total course came up to 12-13 lakhs including hostel and my personal expenses. If I had cut down on my smoking and alcohol in college, then yes, I could have kept it under 12. But yes, getting a law degree which is worth more than 20 lakhs is plain stupid. The same degree I had gotten for 1/4th the money at a respected NLU and got placed at a T1 firm too.
Terrific, bcoz then law firms will be forced to pay more salary, and also the govt will have take notice and nationalise the NLUs to subsidise the fees
It's called inflation. Fact is that NLUs are way too subsidised. The fees must be 30 lakhs at least to have top-class infrastructure and faculty. Most NLUs have crumbling hostels, dilapidated non-AC classrooms and stinky toilets. Plus near-zero alumni in representation in faculty and instead mediocre profs who can barely string a sentence together.
If the impact of inflation is seen in the salaries, then it is fine. However, the pace of salary growth has not kept pace with fee inflation. The ROI is worsening by the year.
Most nlu classroom are fitted with AC and well made but not flamboyant like Jindal, toilet are

maintained okayishly, hostel are also medicore but not crumbling or dialaphated. There are some profs in some t1,t2,t3 nlu where prof were associate in law firm before becoming. Faculty
State NLUs will also use this as a way to justify steep increases in their fee - because the availability of willing students to bear ₹1 crore gives the state NLUs the headroom to raise. State NLUs will remain state entities and the respective states will further reduce or stop funding altogether. A rising tide lifts all boats.
2005-2010, fees was approx 3.3 lakhs in 5 years without hostel. I paid approx 2 because could get scholarships for the rest. Maybe 1.5 more including all other expenses including computer, books and internships. Life was good. Was debt free within 3 months of graduation.
Exactly, and instead, use the 1 crore for something more rewarding and career-productive.
With how the general seats are shrinking in the state NLUs (thanks to domicile and other reservations), many will be "forced" to look at such expensive options. It is hard to believe that BITS' law school (trying to ride on the BITS brand) charges more than BITS' engineering degrees (its flagship program that contributed to the brand).
Bhai DU se karle, meri toh 25k mein nipat upar se tora bhi full hai.
Acha hua bhai mai gareeb hu. Na paise hai. Na honge . Na expenses honge. Samosa toh aaj h sasta hai bhai.
GLC se 30,000 me karke sirf stipend stipend se ROI pura hogaya.
Just and aspirant prepare for clat, aslo for mhcet .I want know about mhcet ? , are you studying in glc