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Lawyer based in Noida. Had a breakup from my long term boyfriend 2 years ago which shattered me. Looking out to restart my life. Dating is not working out because of type of men involved. Parents have put my profile in Shaadi websites. How was your experience going through an arranged marriage process. Advice, Tips from fellow female colleagues are appreciated.
It seems you arw going for this arranged marriage thing out of family pressure. Don't.
Toh kya kare, btao? Shadi toh karna h na. Shadi material bf milna easy h kya
@Mod : That was not trollish. I am 200% serious. Dude give me a break !
Please dont make this mistake. It will look all glamorous, but later your life will be destroyed- Twice divorced woman here.
Keep an open mind. Give people a chance. Don’t expect the sun and the moon. Relax your expectations from the process. Every relationship requires two way work. Be open to marrying a guy who earns less than you. All the best.
watch out for red flags before marriage, if he shows signs of bullying you, toxic masculinity, rude behaviour, subtle offensive jokes which he knows hurts you but he still makes, then run
Better to be single than marry someone you don't get along with. I suggest you join some activity and look for someone within that circle. It can be anything from learning a new sport to joining a yoga class to doing political activism. In fact, Swara Bhaskar met her hubby, a Samjwadi Party activist, at an anti-CAA rally. As political compatibility is very important for our generation and can be a dealbreaker in relationships, you can think about working as a political volunteer leading up to the 2024 elections.
if you're not emotionally over your break up, dont ruin someone else's life by arranged marriage. Only do this when you're mentally and emotionally ready
An unmarried happy daughter is much better than a married unhappy daughter. I hope your parents get this. Don't worry, we all go through this process. Keep looking for all sorts of ways including this matrimonial sites, life has a funny way of getting two people together.
Hey guys - thanks a lot for the concern.

Firstly I am not marrying out of pressure. Infact I want to start a family or something to call my own. My parents have given up. So..

Reason behind the post was just to know how fellow women lawyers navigated the arranged marriage process and post marriage life with hectic hours. Also to know other elements in the process - did you really find romance/spark etc.

It's not easy for a women to work 247. I wanted to hear success stories / failures to learn more as I also look at matches.
There are enough successful and inspirational women who are single and don't have kids. Not everyone needs to get married.
top tip - lets assume you find someone on the marriage portal, get to know them for at least 12 months before finally committing, its best to know them a bit more and then jumping off, you would get pressured into committing in 3-4 months, do not make that mistake.
Best advice. At least 12 months of knowing someone is a must, else you may regret it. If you are worried about your biological clock, you may even freeze your eggs, like many working women are doing these days, including lawyers.
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