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You work with more than one team, so it depends on how much work you are doing .
*not ranked as tier 1 for b&f as well

Now everyone can guess the pay scale(which is 50k)
Firstly understand that pay scale isn't everything

Juris Corp doesn't have a good ranking in Gen Corp including M&A unlike other firms. So if you are looking for Gen Corp, don't consider it go for other options if u have

Secondly pay scale isn't also great, it pays around 50k.

I hope now it would be easier for you to take a call
Before quoting wrong figures please get everything verfied.

It's 45-50k. Depends on the team but it doesn't even go beyond 50k in any case.Got it confirmed.

IG the discussion is over now.

What nonsense is this?

A friend is working there and it's 50k + no vacancies for freshers rn

U can verify from the website as well
the pay has been hiked to 90K for associates in the corporate and the banking team. They have been on a hiring spree.
Are u sure, someone told me it's only 40-50k in Delhi office.
Guyz what's the pay at the Delhi office of Juris Corp, including the period of traineeship and the pay therein? Also, does anybody know what work they have at Delhi office, considering it's smaller as compared to Mumbai and Bangalore?