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close, very close, infact its started by an ex partner of sng only.
A boutique firm, can't name tho but it's majorly banking and finance and gen corp
Also can trainee period be negotiated? As in if someone has prior experience, can he negotiate for say 3 months instead of 6?
Atleast 1 year of experience is required for joining as an A0. If from tier 1 then it can be otherwise
bhai eak fresh graduate kitne months k baad associate me convert ho jata h
Trainee associate for first few months and salary 35k then associate with a salary of 75k
So I received a mail form the HR for a lateral hiring. It is a questionnaire form. What all they do they ask in the interview and how should I structure the form so as to make it look god. Also, do they hire freshers, since I only graduated in 2023 and don't know if they would be able to accommodate me.