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I'm about to start my first year at RMLNLU and was wondering if it would be a better choice to join GLC next year, i have maharashtra domicile and rather ignorantly didnt give mhcet law this year, my plan is probably going into corp law. I was wondering if i get GLC next year (which is likely due to maharashtra domicile) is it worth dropping a year?
Nope, it will probably be the same ! It's not worth a drop. Instead, write CLAT again and u may just get into Top 6-7
No no please no. You drop for a tier-1. Please donโ€™t drop for GLC. Itโ€™s just an average Marathi college. Maybe give clat this December. But please donโ€™t join glc. I got glc this year as well but not joining it. Drop for colleges that can improve your whole experience - not just because you have a domicile
Didn't glc have phenomenal placements this year? Also Op what are your thoughts about nliu bscllb vs ILS pune
I mean in nliu bscllb you will get more opportunities. Until and unless you are not joining the course with low clat rank , itโ€™s fine and solid. Go for it. But maybe ils is not that charming anymore. The placements are still decent. And also GLC didnโ€™t release their placement stats soโ€ฆ..
i don't think ILS is that good especially if you don't have domicile + the fact that ILS is VERY stringent on attention, I'd pick nliu bsc llb because it's slightly better, if you get glc though it depends on what you want to do
OP here, I'm fond of the idea of swapping to GLC because placements do seem to be far better than rml can provide, and the reduction in fees and the freedom it provides, given i live in Mumbai glc sounds like a great choice, but yes I'm gonna give clat again anyways and my plan was that if i get nls nalsar or nujs I'll drop, but if not I'll go to GLC, plus GLC would be more comfortable to live at and feels slightly more suited to my needs, but I'd still appreciate any opinions on this
GLC is a joke these days. โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ It's not like 99% GLC kids even achieve anything notable. Unless you're desperate to live in Mumbai, you're way better off at a tier-2 NLU like RML and your chances of being taken seriously at a tier-1 law firm will also be better.
Why did Mod black out the fact that GLC has a 85% quota for Maharashtra domicile? Thatโ€™s a FACT.