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What are the latest pay-scales at Trilegal, DSK Legal, and NDA? A breakup between fixed + avg bonus payment will be a huge help!

8,64,000 RS annual fixed pay. Which 72,000 per month. Bonus component is up to 3,64,000. Bonus depends on your performance and team, some get 1 lakh and some get more than 3 lakhs. Most get more than 2 lakhs.
Respected HR, what is the policy for call back internships and PPO at DSK Legal? Also will a call back internship entail stipends.
Hahahahaha, this made my day!

Also referring to the above comment, no stipend unless you are a graduate, then maybe a slight possibility.
Mujhe toh stipend bhi nhi diya in dsk internship programme although i have graduated
See this is all lies. DSK Associate testifying here. Fresher salaries range from 5-8 LPA. Depends on the Partner and law school you are from. Bonus also is not that great. Most get only 1l, not 2. This is not a DSK HR truly.
We were placed from campus at dsk and all of us were hired at around 40-60k per month. Band system isn't really existent across all offices.
I am from NLS. The only firm I respect is Trilegal because they are tier-1 oriented
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