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Can someone start judiciary prep with litigation job ? Will I be able to justify it? Consider that Iā€™m a final year student and I do not want to keep attempting the exams. Should I take the risk of dropping one year for pure judiciary prep or should I see for a job ?
Kindly take only 1-2 year of time before gravitating towards litigation. I had taken coaching from Rahul's in my final year and took 2 years of time before gravitating towards corporate sector. With litigation it will be slightly difficult not impossible since I saw many of my seniors in CLC prepping simultaneously with litigation and getting selected. In fact in higher judiciary exams, all are working professional who prepares while practicing's law.

P.S.- Sat for 4 mains of different judicial services while working.
Hi , can we get connected brother ? Pls drop your telegram link in reply
Trust me, hardcore litigation will suck every ounce of juice inside your body .seniors are unforgiving and u will go back home normally around 11-12 pm.
Yes you can, a lot of candidates did same & get positive results. This is one of the easy way to clear judiciary. Litigation + preparation will make your syllabus more easy and you'll get enough time for mock practices.

Either along with it or take 4-6 month break for preparation. You're an Advocate dude go on.

All require a proper scheduled & dedication that's it.
This is a very subjective assessment. Had you said that you have been preparing in college, I would have said that you can start working too because your prep has been taken care of during college itself. But, if you are 'starting' your preparation now, I would say take a drop. It just depends on how much syllabus you have covered before graduation because completing syllabus during a job is very tough, revising it is easier. People who prepare with jobs are generally those who started their prep at least one year before graduation. Rest, you can assess where you stand vis-a-vis the prep and take a call.