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The nuances in my case are - I have got into sls Pune and JGLS is offering me 25% scholarship. I am sitting for June to grab 75-100 percent scholarship. Which one will be better?
Can someone give me an honest placement analysis of JGLS and symbiosis? Which will be better: As stated
SLS Pune is miles ahead of JGLS as far as placements are concerned. Placements at SLS is similar to NLIU or even GNLU while JGLS struggles to place 10-15% of the batch.

The peer group will surely be better at SLS Pune as well
SLS has been experiencing a significant increase in hiring from firms such as Trilegal, AZB, Bharucha, DSK, Argus over the past few years. Firms like Khaitan, SAM, CAM, and NDA hire only a limited number of students. However, despite this, SLS manages to place around 50-60 students in Tier 1 firms every year, and many students also secure positions in in-house companies such as ICICI, HDFC, EY, Tata AIG, HSBC, IDBI, JM Financial, Wipro, and Bank of America, who pay at par with T1s.

Last year, SLS successfully placed around 130 students from a batch, and the placement prospects continue to improve. Yet, to secure the best jobs, students generally need to rank within the top 20-30% of their batch.

SLS has achieved success in the international market recently. One student from the 2022 batch secured a TC at Linklaters, and two more students from the 2024 batch have secured TCs from both Linklaters and Baker McKenzie.

SLS is way better, eyes closed. You don't want to be lost in a batch of 1000+ at JGLS. The 25% scholarship won't help either given the lesser fee at SLS.