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HNLU has a prom-like music/dancing fest where you have the proper setup to dance with your partner. It is called 'Limerence'.

Limerence '23:

More info at:
πŸ‘ Good to know that HNLU has such a happening social scene. It’s not only the top NLUs which have it!
GNLU had a ball night this year but afaik this was the first time.
RMLNLU has ball night - but it's more like the desi version of a prom.
For prom dates you need a boyfriend/girlfriend. In an average NLU less than 30% of the student population have girlfriend/boyfriends. Whom would they go with for a prom?
It’s not just about dating and getting laid. You can have fun themes for proms, like a Wednesday Addams goth theme or a Stranger Things 80s theme. You can also have a raffle with prizes. Also, girls can be invited from TLCs to make up for the skewed boy-girl ratio.
So then have a prom with the 30 percent! What's wrong in it? That's quite a lot of students, actually. 30% of all 5 batches will be 150 to 200 students at least.
NLSIU has the NLS ball. It's exactly like the one in HNLU, the link of which has been shared in this thread.
The ones with no prom are NUJS and NLUJ The two most boring NLUs.
SLS legit places only 8 percent of its batch for their jobs!
Incorrect. Last year they placed around 50 people in T1 firms. 150 People were placed overall in a batch strength of 200.