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are there any law graduates who did not pursue law after graduation and changed their profession entirely? did they not feel guilty about studying something for 5 years and then not professionally pursuing it( assuming it is a lit glorified that you are an advocate or work in a law firm) is there anyone who thinks that?
Hear Hear. Here here!

The whole senior junior nonsense put me off.

Contesting the lok sabha elections next year
Disclaimer: not a nepo.

I have a few post nominals. Not to brag. But that helps.

I have a contrarian opinion about everything.

I am too bruque to be a bureaucrat, not too much to be an elected representative.

I practise in armchair expert opinions

It does not take long for political parties to take note
Typical language used by the ultra privileged section of people.
dude chunav ladna exam likhne jaisa nahi hai woh bhi national wala. Also, every field has the senior-junior dynamic- much much worse in politics as many seniors are also senior advocates/ old advocates.
True. Atleast in politics, I have a light at the end of the tunnel. Here, I am a Senior most junior forever. Gosh, even as I type, it sounds ridiculous
There’s plenty of them dude. At least do some basic research on LinkedIn before expecting people on LI to spoon feed you answers. For example, keywords like β€œNLU MBA LinkedIn” on Google would do the trick. Also try to use social media correctly, I’ve been following alumni from my law school on Instagram so I know some of them are now in real estate, education etc.
NLU MBA likh kr ye tou pta chal jyega or lekin Baki question ka part spoon feed nhi hopyega Na
Read about sunk cost fallacy, that will answer the remaining part of your question.
Two of my friends went to pursue MS and left law immediately after graduating and never looked back. One is doing MS in UI/UX and the other is doing MS in Business Analytics. Realised tech seems way better than law in terms of pay and opportunities.
Misplaced comma finders and paper pushers are talking about tech now???
Be audacious in abundance. Refuse to be enslaved by your degree.
Everybody who joined a law firm. They became typists and xerox walas.
No one feels guilty. The skills you learnt in 5 years are thoroughly transferred in MBA. By that logic IITians should also feel guilty
A batchmate of mine from law school, joined Amity for MBA, and then completed Ph.D from IIM A. Moved abroad. No way coming back to law.
looks like MBA seems to be the most common area to divert from law
I know someone from my college who worked as a litigator (both in private practice and with firms). He's now an artist.
I transitioned from law to a semi-legal profession (lobbying on behalf of business houses). My work hours are light and the pay is fabulous, so I am glad I left law firm life. But the work involves corruption, sadly. Even for signing a simple form a bureaucrat will demand Rs 1 crore to fund his son’s studies abroad.
If you remove corruption from this world, this entire profession will become redundant.

So, better be grateful to those bureaucrats for accomodating paper pushers like us.
Steve Eisman from the Big Short (Mark Baum) used to be a corporate Lawyer in the US in the early 90s (HLS grad)