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I will be moving to Kolkata to join a reputed law firm soon. I am finding it a bit hard to find accommodation in the city. If anyone can help with any leads for rentals in safe localities near the High Court Area or suggest other nearby localities where I can I look for a flat, it would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.
Ask the firm people to connect you with the brokers in Ballygunge area. A bit on the expensive side compared to other parts of Kolkata, but will suit you well in terms of safety, amenities and travel.
Thank you for the response. Could you also possibly shed some light on what would an appropriate budget be for rent allocation in Kolkata.
Depending on the area, you can get a decent 2 BHK for around 15-20k rent at most places other than the posh localities. Even the latter will have the rent not more than twice that.
If you are looking for a 1bhk, it shouldn't be more than 10k/month
The area close to the High Court (Chowringhee, Maidan, Dalhousie etc) isn’t really a residential area. Most lawyers live in South Calcutta or South-central Calcutta. I think that’s where you should look too. Choose either a place in a street with nice restaurants and shops, or a gated community with a club and sports facilities.

But if you have a big budget you can consider renting an apartment relatively close to Chowringhee, in places like Camac Street or Theatre Road or Middleton Row (last one is ideal). However, like in Mumbai, in some of the older apartments the landlords are conservative Marwari and Gujarati elders in their 70s. They want people who are pure vegetarians. Plus no smoking and drinking, no girlfriends etc. So in the end you may be forced to look to South Calcutta.
Hey, are you joining KCO Kolkata? Even I am moving to Kolkata.
In that case, I ll try to talk to the HR and connect with you directly through proper channels.
There is hardly any corporate practice lol. It's all just commercial or real estate. Corporate practice in Kolkata is all about commercial law or real estate. Very less actual corporate law work. Unless businesses start setting up in the city, there is hardly any work. However, the pay is good and you will be able to save a lot of money being in Kolkata than other cities and by putting far less hours of work.
I don't remember asking for your comments on this. Anyways, thanks.
Consider Howrah instead of Kolkata proper. You will save a lot and it’s not too far from the HC.
Exactly and a lot of buses ply between howrah and the high court
Ballygunge is too expensive, but you can choose an area nearby, such as Richie Road/Maddox Square, just 1 km or so away from Ballygunge. And around 1-2 km away you can rent a place in Hindustan Park, which is a good area too, with lots of coffee shops. And around 3-4 km away there is Southern Avenue, a very nice area overlooking a big lake and jogger's park. Make this your search perimeter. You could go even further south, like Tollygunge, but that will increase your commute time.
Go for a nice gated community in Howrah, 20-25 mins from the HC. You will save money and live well. The comment suggesting that you look for brokers in Ballygunge is an idiotic one and will bankrupt you.
You're saying that because you have very little idea about Kolkata apparently. Ballygunge has got several parts catering to people from all financial backgrounds. Going to a gated community at Howrah isn't a bad option, but it would take him away from the attractions of a metropolitan city and Howrah keeps on getting subjected to a lot of demonstrations and occasional antisocial activities. Kolkata proper is much safer.
First of all Howrah is on its way to become metropolitan and there are projects happening which are beyond your fickle imagination. Stop being so salty
One advantage is that no matter any area that you choose in kolkata proper, it won't take you much longer than an hour in car to reach HC. You can try areas like Ballygunge, Golpark, Rashbehari, or nearer the EM Bypass. Plenty of good flats available. avoid new town. Very good flats available at decent rent, but the travel time will be long. Places further north will be easier to reach but congested.
First and foremost, thank-you everyone for taking out the time to help and sharing your views. Much appreciated. I will definitely look around the suggested areas. I hope this thread also helps the students coming to Kolkata to intern. Further, if anyone has any broker contacts or references, would love to get the same.