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If my salary is 5 lakhs per annum excluding tds/tax. How much will I be actually earning per month after calculation?
Also, if you could also explain the process of calculation, it would be helpful for my learning. Thanks.
So, there is no TDS applicable?

I will get exactly the same salary every month in hand as i am supposed to? Which is 41k approx.

Could you suggest anywhere i can read about it in detail?
Hi, about to join a law firm in July. Pls explain me the math. My fixed salary is 90k. Now tell me how much will be in hand. What will be deducted? How much? You get the gist. Thanks!
how is 27k being deducted? what's the calculation? what all is being deducted?
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have not cleared the Professional papers, I am still only an Article.

Jokes aside, you'll get 81k and can claim rebate in july next year.
chill dude, my gross is 1.2L & deduction max.13K. Ask your colleagues purusing CA or having taxation Knowledge or visit on youtube, get many ideas of saving.

Kian is kidding, he is on high 🍻

So far what i have understood is that there is a 10% TDS on salary. Nothing else. Every month i will receive 10% less on my salary. Which is 41k-4k=37k. Is this correct?
U don't fall under the tax bracket so I don't think that TDS would be applicable here
TDS is still deducted. you'll have to file returns and seek a refund.
TDS is cut for everyone and can be fully claimed back by you as you fall below the tax bracket. When you file your ITR
I'd say it depends on what kind of an employment arrangement you are referring to, i.e., whether you are hired: (i) as an employee (e.g., if you are in an in-house legal team); or (ii) as a retainer / fee earner (most law firms hire associates as 'retainers' / 'fee earners').

If you fall in category (i) then read up section 192. So if your annual salary is not more than 5 lakhs AND you don't have any other sources of income then your income-tax liability should ideally be 0 and hence ideally no TDS should be deducted from your monthly salary. But you would need to discuss and confirm this with your company's HR/payroll department by filling forms and submitting proofs that your total annual income is indeed not more than 5 lakhs because otherwise, since it is the employer's responsibility to deduct TDS and since they wouldn't want to risk incurring any non-compliance with this obligation, they will end up deducting TDS.

If you fall in category (ii) then read up section 194J. As per this section, if your monthly pay exceeds INR 30,000 then 10% of your monthly pay will be deducted as TDS. So in your case, every month INR 4166.67 (i.e., 10% of 41666.67) will be deducted as TDS.

However, regardless of whichever category you fall into, if your annual total income is not more than 5 lakhs then ideally your income-tax liability should be 0 and hence any TDS deducted can be claimed back as a refund when you file your tax-return.