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Please rate them in the order of BEST PPO POLICY & MORE CHANCES OF GETTING a PPO

Imo: trilegal > khaitan > CAM> AZB > JSA
JSA > Trilegal > Luthra> KCo/SAM > AZB > CAM. Indus and Saraf also give decent PPOs may be because they are new and still expanding.
Trilegal ....."Sorry.We only want the best of the lot since we pay the highest'
Have seen KCO giving second internships (without calling them callback or assessment internships) in rare cases depending on the practice area. Does it mean they’re interested in hiring?
What will be your suggestions to a running year law students to obtain a PPO in his/her 3rd or 4th year?
Agree with this. Recently got a PPO from JSA (non-nlu kid here), saying that it’s tough is just an understatement. The EP’s say matters only AFTER you’ve impressed everyone in the team.
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I don’t understand. These are not Big 7 , then why it’s so tough to get a PPO in these?
Hey can you please tell me which teams at Indus are giving PPOs ? Apart from capital markets, is GC hiring?
That the thing about general corporate, my friend: they always have vacancies.
Can someone point any changes in thus recently given that CAM has hired too many people
Can someone update this. Dynamics have changed suddenly,as even CAM has not been offering PPOs. SAM has been on freeze.Trilegal has given everyone callbacks but no PPOs. KCo is wierd. Someone update on the rest.
Every firm is on a freeze now. Things will slowly improve for the BO'26. BO'27 may see a mass hiring similar to BO'23. Till then, it's a freeze
Bump requesting the same placecom member to update the list on hiring