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We have Jindal and BITS Pilani charging fees in the 7-8 lakhs bracket. IIM Rohtak and IULER (both government institutions) charge even more! So it’s mystifying why NLUs charge such paltry fees. It’s completely ridiculous and divorced from reality. Everyone is the loser here: students (who get bad infra and faculty), faculty ( who get peanuts) and the taxpayer, who subsidises education for mostly rich brats who become even richer after joining law firms. On top of that foreign law firms will be coming in now!
NLUs' fees level is broadly in line with other national-level institutions like IITs, NIDs, NIFTs, etc. Agreed, public universities, are partly 'funded' by taxpayers. However, these graduates with greater earnings after they graduate add to the overall economy and become big taxpayers themselves because these selections are merit-based. JFYI, the fees in AIIMS Delhi is under β‚Ή7000 for 5 years (MBBS), and in FMS Delhi is β‚Ή22,000 (MBA). As a big taxpayer myself, benefitting from the above (alumni of an institute ranked No.1 globally in research where I got paid to study), I have absolutely no problems if the taxes I pay go into funding/part-funding the next generation of graduates/post-graduates from premier institutions. That's money well spent. Someone before me paid for my education, so now it is my turn.

The fees in the real BITS Pilani (i.e. for engineering) are around 7 lacs a year. BITS Law in Mumbai is just milking the BITS brand and location. JGLS and BITS Law make education a monetary transaction in which there are no students, but customers. Even after they graduate they'll have no gratitude toward their alma mater.
I agree with the first paragraph but disagree with the second. Is there any evidence to conclude that grads from private universities aren't grateful to their alma mater?
Yes true...Medical colleges should do the same. In fact, government hospitals should stop providing treatment for free or at subsidized prices. A visit to a doctor in Government should at least be Rs1.5k which will stop the brain drain from India and better doctors will sit in the Government hospitals. Govt should not provide subsides when rich kids can easily go to govt hospitals and become richer.
NLUs were established with a specific goal of making legal education accessible to a wider section of society, and the fees charged by them are meant to reflect this objective. 200 grand is still too inaccessible to the middle class.

The high fees charged by private institutions are often due to the costs associated with maintaining their infrastructure, whereas "government" institutions may have different sources of funding.

So while Jindal charges 8 lakhs a year, we don't see more than 15 percent of the total batch even getting placed. The same cannot be said about an NLU. This is because of the quality of students and alumni base, where banks have provided flexible loans to meritorious students to study here, regardless of the bad faculty. And that is the reality until there is some recognition from a government for additional funding. Thereafter, the fees must be reduced.

So your argument totally fails regarding the incoming foreign law firms.

You seem to have some eerie vengeance against "rich brats" and you want to impoverish them. Is Jindal's top fee structure doing that? Or are the super rich and connected (not to be construed as merit) still getting an education, effectively shutting down opportunities for the poor yet meritorious?
Typical LI reader: son of parents earning 1 cr a year and typing on an expensive iPhone that they are middle class and cannot afford NLU fees.
Right, Poor and middle class people should stick with Central Universities or better yet go for Non professional courses like BA, Bsc, B.Com or if interested in technical work then try ITI and polytechnic, Courses like MBA And Law should be left to rich folks.

How else are we going to preserve our class structure.
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You're exposing your elitist thinking. Lots of people join corporate law (in house, law firms), and that is fine. Lots of others get into policy, academia, even the civil services (yes, it's much mocked, but they do "make a difference").

Law schools transform your way of seeing the world. If you build them for only a certain set of students, they become poorer. Or they become like Jindal- recruiters go here because they churn out perfect foot soldiers of capitalism, but they have no serious cred anywhere outside the corporate world.

Like an earlier commentor said, pay your taxes. Pay it forward. If you are an alumnus, donate. You get a say in how your money is spent. Stop whining about how others don't see life through a Hard Capitalistic lens like you do.
NLUs charge paltry fees? Is this person serious.... literally every Tier 1 NLU charges over 3 Lakhs, NLS is gonna hit the 4 lakhs threshold soon.

The fee in IIT is like 2.5/2.8, with a much greater batch size and they are managing just fine if not better.

Maybe instead of increasing the fee like a mad dictator, they need to use it better.