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Was a topper at Jindal, X batch.

Prospects are no less than something that a NLU kid would have. Be it Tier-1 law firms, academic endeavours, in-house opportunities - all of them available.

The large batch size does not minimize the competition. It is extremely competitive among prospective toppers. Which ensures quality exposure!
My roommate was the batch topper, had offers from SAM, CAM, AZB and Khaitan. Some rankers go for LLM because they often get scholarships.
You have a great chance of becoming a bollywood actor.
Why go for a Tier 1 law firm job when an average Jindal kids dad can buy a law firm with pocket change?
No - not much as they would be respected in top 3 - sorry for the truth
The batch topper at most universities will have great opportunities. If the student is smart and collects good recommendation letters and maintains good relationships with all the faculty she meets at the university- and does internships and works hard during the break- there would be no stopping her.
What employment prospects would the Jindal batch topper have? Would they get offers from T1 law firms in India? Would they get picked up for TCs in the UK? Would they be treated on par with NLU toppers?