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Hello folks of LI, how do I progress in my career? I have secured two internships at firms and have received an award for a memo in an international moot court competition in my second year already. Where do I progress from here in my career? Should I do more international moot court competitions or sign up for national moot court competitions? What sort of GPA should I maintain on a ten-point scale for my CV to be considered for tier-2 firms for the internship cycle of January 2023? How do I make myself stand out as an intern during these experiences?
1. Ignore mooting - law firms do not give two sh*ts about how many moots you have done or won. The objective is just to fill your CV, so that it looks heavy. Do 1-2 small moots on the side. I say this, so that your cv will look bigger plus, since its a small moot, you can get time to intern on the side.

2. GPA - again, most won't really care but you can't be sure, considering our education system's overemphasis on grades. A good gpa would be between 8-9 on a 10 point scale. So aim for around 85%ile.

3. Intern NON STOP. Keep interning whenever you can, between college breaks, during college, after college etc. Nothing beats practical experience. If you can skirt around college attendance mandates, do it.

As for standing out, you will learn skills such as research, reading, proofing with experience. The only thing you have to do is act responsibly - take responsibility for whatever task you have been assigned. Do it diligently and lawyers will take notice. Also, don't be that intern who just sits in the interns room and does nothing but work. Talk to the lawyers, interact, wish them when you reach the office, basically, NETWORK. Gauge the personality of the partner for eg. If you think he/she is chill, go and ask for work from him/her. The more you network, the better opportunities will come your way.

Keep going, kid. All the best.
Top-notch advice. Saved for future reference, thanks a ton :)
Sir, Can you tell me something about yourself? You seem to be a very nice person. I really wish to connect with you.
Thanks a lot for this advice!! I would keep going from now on and make sure that I stay on my toes.