Read 4 comments in conversation as:

Infra: Seems much better than NLUs. Modern, clean, spacious. But fees is more than Jindal. I think Jindal has better infra for less money.

Crowd: People in the first video seem ok, though the girls seem to be smarter than the boys! Both girls and boys seem humble.

Faculty: Don't know

Any chance IIMR could overtake NLUs?
They are getting random NLU faculty to teach subjects part time that the faculty don't even teach at their home NLUs. Very overhyped.
50 lakhs for 5 years! Why would someone choose this over JGLS (40 lakhs for 5 years)?
IIMR is a joke. It isn't even well-respected among IIMs for management, forget top NLUs. Their law programme is like NALSAR's IPM business programme. Just a way to make a little more money for the institute using its brand in another discipline without any real plan to actually make it one of the best.