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Dude why’re y’all so damn fragile ? Dyou see any other NLU doing this kind of PR?

Tell me three articles among all this scopus index nonsense that you’ve read and found rigorous or meaningful?

Ashish Goel is right- you have ten times more faculty, and you put tons of pressure on that faculty to publish in scopus. Of course you’re gonna have a larger number of scopus publications. Duh. I don’t know where he’s getting more than 25 NLUs- but it’s so damn insecure. The research space does not need this toxicity.
Ashish Goel knows jack. He is confusing faculty numbers at Jindal UNIVERSITY versus Jindal LAW SCHOOL. They are different. Jindal UNIVERSITY has many schools.
Ashish Goel is absolutely right and dear you'll take few rebirths to come close to this guy you mock. Check the number of faculty jindal law school has and you will see his point. But that's too much to ask for a jindally?
Really? What is so great about Ashish Goel? He is more famous for being a Twitter influencer than his legal practice. The same applies to many others, be it Ishkaran Bhandari and Aishwarya Mudgil from the right or Karuna Nundy and Rohin Bhatt from the left. In contrast, there are many excellent lawyers who are doing very well as lawyers but are unknown to Gen Z as they are not Twitter influencers. Really sad that Gen Z equates Twitter fame with knowledge
Why do I get the feeling that all these so called comments about Ashish, pro and against, are written by the one and the same person. How desperately I wish legally India would ban anonymous comments for just one week as an experiment. You'll find that all these pro and anti X Y Z comments will completely disappear. God what all people do for self publicity!
first, we should laud the excellent publication record by JGLS. Irrespective of jabs about the faculty numbers, the sheer number of scopus publications is something of a record. Many of the top 10 QS law schools in the world will not be able to match this yearly output.

second, we should reflect upon why NLUs are not able to manage this kind of research (hint: it is not just about money), from my experience it is about the lackadaisical culture where the focus is rarely in pursuing original research.

Finally, credit has to be given where it is due. Leadership matters, culture matters, competition matters.
Just one point of fact that JGLS seems to have omitted. Currently given their law faculty strength and their annual SCOPUS publication record as revealed by themselves, for every 3 faculty members, there is 1 SCOPUS publication every year. With the greatest respect for the academics who work there, that is not much. In fact, given the current focus on SCOPUS publications on NIRF ranking, you will find that a similar ratio exists in most of the top 3-4 NLUs too. It is just that their number of faculty is so big that the absolute number appears to be bigger. What JGLS should ask themselves is that why despite such a high salary, low teaching workload (2 days per week) and monetary incentives (1 lakh per SCOPUS publication), only 1/3 of their faculty members are producing one such publication every year. I guarantee that if similar facilities are provided to the decent NLU faculty members that we have nowadays, their publication output will be significantly higher. The point remains that when it comes to productive: unproductive (publication-wise) ratio among faculty, JGLS is not faring a lot better than the top NLUs, as they seem to claim. We cannot forget either that the students there because of huge batch size and lesser availability of faculty on campus, tend to miss out on personal attention by faculty compared to NLU students.
Are these the same NLU grads claiming NLUs are better than LSE (QS rank 7), UCL (QS rank 13) and KCL (QS rank 15)? 🀣
Let's be real, these rankings claim to measure the quality of institutions, but in reality, they often prioritize things that have little to do with the actual student experience. Sure, it's great that a school has a lot of publications and citations, but what about the quality of teaching or the campus culture?
it's hilarious that JGLS uses this as a reason to compare themselves with NLUS. Who are these people that have published all this work? NLU Grads. JGLS folks have amnesia or something- they keep bragging that they employ the most NLU grads of any institution in the country and then they turn around and try to protray themselves as better than NLUS. They cant boast of student achievements and glory themselves so they stand on this borrowed and bought glory of what NLU education has done for its students.

Lets rank student and alumni achievement instead no?