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JSA has announced which retained partners get equity from April 1, 2023. Question is are they really the most deserving lot amongst the existing EP? My view - definitely not. How come no one from the corporate teams got promoted? Let’s see how the new EPs display their wealth … display of wealth by last year’s elected EPs was plain toxic
What is the criteria for getting elevated to EP? Do you need a substantial book? Just noticed that a partner with a really small team and a reputation for undercutting prices across the market got elevated to EP.
That describes all 6 EPs elevated this year actually. The tax guys are working on sub 100usd/hr matters.
Does it mean that these guys will end up making more that what they would contribute to the firm?
Could you care to shed to light on how exactly the new EPs displayed their wealth and why do you think the new EPs announced are not deserving?
do you not understand a simple thing that already majority of partners are from Corp. why would the existing lot want to set up their competition by giving an already corp heavy firm more corp partners/
"display of wealth by last year’s elected EPs was plain toxic"... examples/ instances please. Maybe I missed something. Honestly, I didnt even see any of them get a new car or new anything that can be flaunted.

I dont know about all the last year EPs, but atleast one of them that I do know and see a lot - he worked his ass off for that promotion. I can say the same thing for at least two more from this year (who I know and see day in day out). I imagined others (from last year and this year) would be equally good/hard working.

Correct me - I really want to know.
Not even reading too much into it. Only way of getting elevated at JSA - client ho na ho, keep sucking up to your EP!
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