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How much do first year SAs and PAs make? What’s the variation between 4H and 5H ratings?
PAs-40-60 lakhs until 70-80 lakhs.
SAs-30-40 lakhs until 40-50 lakhs. mean the 'smaller firm" as called by Cyril Shroff.....the one which is vegetable shopping for partners,picking up every partner willing to defect, as if they are gonna disappear in covid........wonder what TRILEGAL will do now that its stuck with so many partners while foreign firms making entry........
Really??Trilegal is a ridiculous law firm........from last two years they are recruiting as if IRS panic recruitment building layer upon layer of back up partners...............

..its nowhere close to the lalajis of legal industry........even if its might higher bands fact is Trilegal is not Tier 1, its got no great branding, its got a long way to go to catch up with Tier 1 lala firms.........the thing that works for Trilegal is it attracts those who are fed up of the lala law firms in terms of employee talent.......hence you see they are able to recruit company partners,their thinking is the partners will bring business.......but the clients are still sitting in the books of original lalajis then it's hard to believe the bands of Trilegal will be higher...
I guess no one knows and maybe now dont care because FOREIGN LAW FIRMs COMING
you are probably some 2028 batch kid who has no idea about the basics of the business of law firms
Your a 1928 model that likes to wipe out everybody's joy
No one is gonna bother about CAM and its 4Hand 5H rating...and the 9 rating buckets its made...that variation of approx 20 lakhs will be gone.. poof!!.....because brand CAM was anyways all dead and hated ...and now with Foreign firms allowed,the Lala raj ends....may CAM soul rot away in gell..oh wait there's no sad
I hear the lala is really worried about what will happen to his son and whether the firm can continue paying high rentals on the real estate that he leases to it
The obnoxious long Press releases of CAM are drastically reduced - no complaints but just curious Did they fire their PR team in "cost-cutting"?or just too busy with Watchell?