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I mean look at the selection ratio - no way they can be put in the same bracket but I hate people claiming that JEE advanced is wayyyyyyy tougher than cracking clat - with the recent competition and pattern change too - it’s probable JEE is quite tougher , but clat is not really that behind . I mean yes if you look at websites and mentors in general - the put JEE in 1st or 2nd in terms of toughness and clat in 5th or 6th- but the subject is way more nuanced - the selection ratio and multiple attempts to get into Top 3 proves it. Well , one thing can be agree that cracking a random NLU is way easier than cracking any IIT .
CLAT is not hard lol especially if you've done your education from a decent english medium school, which most clat takers have. Anyone with good comprehension skills and basic knowledge of current affairs can get a decent rank enough for T1 NLUs. People don't start slogging for CLAT the moment they get to eighth grade.
That's not true anymore, maybe in your time it was easy but now it's REALLY tough.
Hey , really appreciate your opinion , but not easy I also think it is - it involves practice and it’s just not good comprehension skills - u need to take a 360 degree approach for solving these questions in maximum accuracy within a specific time as well , adding on its kinda gmat level now
As someone who prepared for both, clat does not even come close to JEE, especially since it's similar to gmat level. At its very core its basic comprehension, i dont understand what this 360 degree approach is or how its even relevant. It is nothing but a vague buzz word. Solving questions in maximum accuracy within a specific time is common to every competitive exam out there. CLAT is hard I agree, but you cannot possibly compare it to the level of competition or preparation required for JEE
The thing about CLAT is that it's a skill-based examination whereas JEE is an aptitude-based examination.

Suppose we ask someone from a government school to prepare for CLAT for a whole year and attempt it, chances are that he'll probably fail. But if we ask someone from one of the best English medium schools to prepare for it in two months, he would probably crack a T-2 at least.

But if you ask both of them to study for JEE, chances are that the former would perform better given the extra time. That's because JEE is a purely aptitude-based examination where skill has a negligent role to play.

As someone from a PCM background who has given CLAT thrice, I'd say that for me CLAT came out to be a tougher examination, but that's because I've never really worked on my reading. For a person who has been an avid reader, it might have been a cake walk for him.

The answer is quite simple, it depends on person to person. But yeah, objectively, JEE seems to be much more competitive.
Not a cake walk exactly - I have seen people struggling in the CR section nowadays to score more than 80 percent and that too from top international schools I kid you not - the thing is that exam has become CR oriented now and this skill is not taught in the school curriculum - maybe that’s where you are right , it has become skill oriented
CR is difficult for everyone. Even the best faculty conforms to the principle that one cannot be 100% accurate in CR.

I can figure that you are also not good at CR since your reasoning is somewhat flawed hehe. People from top international schools struggling to score more than 80% doesn't prove my point that "they perform better" wrong; what if students from less equipped schools score even less than that?

What I meant to say is that it's competitively easier for them to ace. It doesn't matter if their accuracy is 10%, if that 10% gets them a good rank, then that's all that matters.
I was countering your claim where you differentiated between government and English medium schools . It’s a fact that government school kids really face the burden of this paper - but saying that the β€œbest English medium schools would get a tier 2 at least and that too for studying only two months” is definitely the worst and the most flawed generalisation . And that’s why the question of international schools pop up - not the question of percentile or percentage or how there can be exceptions.

I see how you might have terrible skills the main idea of any argument(especially in paragraphs) but hey again we are all learning here ;)

Maybe you my missed the part where I said that they would 'probably' get a T-2 NLU, there is a possibility they won't.

No worries mate! As you've said, we're all learning here :)
Boarding school kid here . Studied for 2 months for the CLAT exam (dilly-dallied even during those 2 months) . I just took some mock tests and read G.K. PDFs provided by the coaching centre I went to. I didn’t prepare for the Maths section .

Messed up terribly on the day of that reading race (CLAT ) .I was feeling so jittery that I was barely able to read the questions , let alone comprehend them . Plus, my inability to read at a fast pace and my lack of proficiency in Maths made things worse . Left the entire Maths section unattempted . Didn’t know the answers to the G.K. questions as well . The G.K. PDFs that I had read during my prep didn’t help me at all .

Result :AIR 3,XXX 🀑🀑. Only if the test gauged my knowledge , maybe I could have done well .

Going to a boarding school didn’t help me get through the test. So , it’s a bit of a stretch to say that kids who went to the β€œbest English medium schools would get a tier 2 at least and that too for studying only two months”.

P.S. - Please overlook my grammatical errors, if any :)
I mean I totally get you, but it was meant to be a comparative analysis on how one's education has a huge role to play in deciding how he'll perform.

Who am I kidding, I didn't score as much as you did in my first attempt. That's a good rank to start with, if possible avoid these private colleges and get an okayish college to attempt again.
It's not hard for those trained in very good english medium schools. But for those from not so good schools, cracking CLAT is a long process.
A person who has cracked Advance would in all probability crack CLAT as well. Not so sure if it can be true the other way around
Lol not at all - I know tons of IIT grads who didn’t get into NLSIu NUJS or NALSAR

You can even check a 2015 article of livemint
Adding on , it has become in fact difficult for people to get into top 3 just like the top 7 iits - check the selection ratio - getting into the top in any exam (like clat or Neet) is too same difficult
There were barelg 1 lakh registrations for clat this year, are you really comparing the competition of the two
Haan bhai suna hein , aur yeh bhi pata hein ki clat ki tarah irritatingly β€œunpredictable” nehi aata - at least y’all have a defined syllabus
So i was a science student in 12th grade with PCMB, appeared for JEE and barely managed to secure 90 percentile.

Appered for NEET, was alloted a government college and then i realised that i had zero passion for medicine, was doing all this because of parental pressure.(solved a good number of sample papers, prepared for it from Aakash coaching classes)

Appeared for CLAT and, got into a T1 NLU on my first attempt, without any tuitions and by solving just two sample papers. (I did have the benifit of being a avid newspaper reader since i was in 5th grade....another thing i was pressured into by parents)

Having appered for all three exams, i would say all of them had their own challenges, CLAT was a bit on the easier side because it didn't exactly require a lot of prep work. I have seen people taking drops of 2-3 years for all the three exams, so at the end of the day it's a matter of your own strengths and weaknesses.
Exactly - people take drop years for these three exams , matter solved - they are difficult in their own ways
Have heard about people getting into IIT Roorkee in the first attempt and entering Nujs into their 3rd or 4th attempt , the debate will remain
I am a JEE aspirant and I gave CLAT without preparing any thing , still when i came out , I felt its such an easy exam, even if someone prepare for it for a month while in class 12th, he/she can definitely get the score required for tier-2 NLUs
That's where you fail. Once you are in a T-2 NLU, your life will become harder than a JEE Advanced Paper. No placement scene, pathetic admin, poor faculties. You will question your everyday in that T-2 NLU.
Bhaiya rank toh aane do, log saal saal prepare karke bhi top 5 nahi nikaal paate
Clat mazak hai jee ke samne. Leave the competition, the syllabus only is miles tougher and insanely vast.
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