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Though it has been over 10 days since the annual sports fest of GNLU ended, but there is no doubt that GNLU has again stamped its authority as the best sports University across all NLUs. After sweeping NLU Jodhpurs' annual sports fest last sem, GNLU has literally finished at the podium in all the sports held this time during JL. It finished as the overall winner in TT (both boys' and girls'), cricket (both boys' and girls'), throwball and in basketball (where the โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ proved to be decisive in helping GNLU win) and tennis. It also finished runner's' up at football (falling just short), badminton and reached the semis in Volleyball and snooker and literally swept the athletics field. Except for chess, where two teams were fielded and both under-performed, in all the other sports events GNLU was the team to beat.

Even the critics would now admit that GNLU has in recent times out-performed its fellow NLUs by miles in sports, and has been sweeping events after events.

P.S. Finally this is a post not related to law firm life or academics, so keep the comments coming.
Bro honestly this is not a troll comment. Even though GNLU'24 batch is so very toxic, selfish, sadistic but you will have to give them credit for their sports acheivements. Like this batch has so many good sportsperson in it that it has made GNLU a formidable sporting side. Let's leave aside the ugly truth of this batch that it has became infamous amongst law school circles of being the most toxic batch (most ppl of this batch would agree abt this statement privately but publicly they won't say anything abt it), but for once hats off to them for their sporting credentials. Good work done boys from the GNLU'24 batch.
Bhai, no one outside GNLU gives a sht about your Batch of 2024. The only reason people even know of them is because every thread on GNLU has some guy commenting on it. You speak about their notoriety as if they're some infamous celebrities across law schools. I repeat, no one gives a fck. Stop talking about them in all the threads. And let me make one more thing very clear, no one gives a crap about sporting achievements in top NLUs either.
Hey thanks for your comment. I repeat that your comment is even more irrelevant than you are buddy. Just come outside of your privileged cocoon and see the real world outside. I bet you will be kicked and pushed like anything in the real world, people would just take you for granted. Stop watching so much reels and being on SM and try to step outside of your comfort zone, what a big shock awaits you. Till then continue writing irrelevant comments here, and keep coming to this page and liking your own comment lol, because it seems that's the only thing you expertise in. Bye.
Bhai, it is not a guy writing these comments. I personally know of atleast 25-30 different guys & girls writing these comments not only on LI but also on other social media platforms. Bhai, if you have half information or are not a part of the batch better not to comment. The famous saying aptly applies to you juniour, 'Little knowledge is a dangerous thing'.
Do the people at GNLU really have nothing better to do? Every NLU has its share of toxic people, kid. Grow up. Your batch is not that unique or special. Again, no one give a shit. Post some actual achievement when it finally happens, if youโ€™re that desperate for GNLU to stay in the news.
My pet parrot runs the fastest among all parrots in my neighbourhood :)
Many good colleges don't even participate in these fests. Attendance is an issue and a college cannot send its teams to different locations multiple times in a single semester.
Stop talking about getting second place in your own sports competition....fix the college infrastructure and amenities first
Kitne attention chahie hota hai re tum log ko? PPO lo, TC lo aur niklo na. Faltu raub jamana hai.
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