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Time flies. NKC's tenure just has a few months left. Old timers will recall how his appointment was shadily done. The question is, will we see a repeat? Will Chandrachud play an active role?
Chandu won't do anything. It will either be NKC again or someone even more subservient to the TMC. The SJA will be sleeping as usual.
NKC will only have 6 months left before he turns 70 once his tenure ends. At the most, he can get an extension for that period. While he has several faults of his own, it is also true that he would be leaving the place better in terms of publication, research, infra and collaborations than he had found it. One wishes he had been stronger in terms of opposition to state government interference though, especially that done through a retired HC judge in the EC who is a state stooge.
Looool, what lies are being spread here, man only cared about one thing, NAAC accredition. He rather the students die in the heat than actually fix stuff that isnt NAAC related. Can someone from NAAC do a surprise visit and expose this guy for the fraud that he is
The accreditation is necessary for the benefit of the university. You should try thinking about the institution every once in a while, instead of only how to get extensions and made-up attendance.
How could the "golden" VCs of NUJS miss securing NAAC during their tenures? Apparently the "process" has been on since the time of MPS.
Don't talk nonsense. That was the responsibility of Ishwar Bhat and Amit Talukdar. Stop spreading lies to meet your political ends.
Actually, it was every VC's responsibility from Menon onward. NAAC accreditation existed even back then.
I want to say with this with open heart - stop talking about Nujs :)
My hunch is Arup Kumar Poddar. I am actually willing to bet money it will be him.
One of these people (all disastrous):

- Indrajit Dube (NLU Meghalaya VC)

- Rathin Bandopadhyay (North Bengal Univ)

- AKP (Podu)
Nothing wrong with Dube. Has a better publication and research record compared with all NLU VCs, Sudhir included.
Check the publications. Sudhir has got a very inflated reputation in terms of scholarship, having almost no peer reviewed publication to his credit. Other NLU VCs are even worse. Gone are the days of scholars like MP Singh or BS Chimni.
Just see the condition of the faculty - people from north Bengal university have to be elected now - geez
North Bengal University has a SCOPUS indexed journal now. How many NLUs other than NLSIU has one now?
I think logically speaking, it should be Dr Shameek Sen and no one else. He has both the credibility as an academician and goodwill as a student friendly faculty to be on the coveted post. He is young, humble, honest and a good human being. If the authorities are reading this and want to have someone who should be given a long run considering his age, they should not look anywhere else by Dr Sen.

No offenses to the other gentlemen proposed by fellow commentators, I am sure they must be good, but for this job and for the time being Dr Sen is the best bet.
By all means he would be a great VC. The question is however, does Shameek Sir even want the post?
Nujs has no future. From Menon, Mitra and MP Singh, the place goes to NKC. Most of good faculty left. Its on way to become Hazra law college. Sad for alumni and we'll wishers.
Still can beat you in any metric that you choose to name for a law grad. Care to compete?
His tenure ends in June 2024, which technically speaking can be counted in months, though it is still more than a year away.
VC NLS, should come to NUJS as both of them ends their term almost the same time.
Sudhir will seek an extension for sure. He won't come anywhere near NUJS. People here don't like dictatorial VCs. His room was bombed with crackers the last time he was here and tried to pull his shenanigans. NUJS students aren't meek and docile like NLSIU people.
The appointment process through which NKC made it was a sham. Everyone knows that. But the next VC appointment may not be so shady. Chandrachud as CJI and SN Mookerjee as Advocate General have formidable credentials and cannot be bulldozed so easily, unlike Justice Mishra and the previous AG. Also, there won’t be a stopgap Cal HC CJ like last time.

I think the TMC will go all out to have a local stooge as VC, especially in an election year. But a compromise may be reached in the form of a VC who will be anti-BJP and soft on the TMC, but still respected. That person could be Faizan Mustafa.
By the time the VC gets appointed in 2024, elections in Bengal would have ended.
Yes, it will be a TMC party man no doubt, but if Chandrachud takes an active role we could see a merit-based appointment.
Chandu can't take an active role in selecting even his fellow judges.
Either Justice Girish Gupta or Justice Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya will be the next VC.
Since we are throwing random names out there anyway, why not you? I think you'll make a good VC.
It will most likely be a retired judge close to Mamata. I'm certain it will be someone like that.
Justice Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya will be made a member of the "search" committee along with the AG or some regime friendly academic. The Chair of the committee will be some serving or retired SC judge who has previously served Cal HC and is well-known to JB and/or the state govt well.

If ED causes MG to depart, then CB will likely take over....has happened in the past. It doesn't matter anyway because it is AB who calls the shots. SB in the GB will manage things behind the scenes. ED/CBI cannot and will not do anything to him.

Do not be shocked. All NUJS VCs till date as also other NLU VCs are "chosen" based on non-advertised standards. That includes Messiah in recent past as also BS(C) and MPS here. Do not be fooled by the sticker names on the "search committee". Before you keep singing praises for the hallowed (actually hollow) NUJS VCs, please know that it was MPS who insisted that PIB must be chosen.

You must give NKC credit for being able to shed red and go green so well that AB got involved. J-AM despite his controversies did not want him. Neither did MG. But both relented because NKC had full support of AB. The then AG and a significant section of regime friendly judges in Cal HC who used "first ever Bengali VC" as the justification pushed for NKC. He continues to enjoy their support. The current AG cannot and will not do anything. The losses will not be individual but generational.

NKC successfully became a watermelon to trick the ever-preening AB and Co into making him the VC. While everyone mistakes NKC to be a bumpkin, he has transformed himself into a pumpkin. It doesn't matter who (if at all) becomes the VC. Whatever happens, NKC will be on the gravy train.
I agree with your analysis, but why are you using the initials AB for Abhishek Banerjee and SB for Sanjay Basu (currently serving on the EC)? People outside Bengal will not understand. I don't think you need to use their initials as their association is well-documented in the media. It was widely reported in the media that Sanjay Basu's house was raided by the ED and that, a few days ago, the Supreme Court gave permission to the CBI to interrogate Sanjay Basu. Sanjay Basu's social media handles also openly espouses the TMC. Thus, nothing to hide.

Now, coming to the question of Abhishek and Sanjay influencing the VC appointment. My own view is that the 2024 election will be key. If the TMC wins few seats, then the Modi government may arrest Abhishek and Sanjay. If they win many seats, then they won't be touched.
Sanjay Basu has never been a part of NUJS EC. Get your facts checked before starting the propaganda.
But Podu is senior to Anirban. If it's on the basis of seniority then it should be Podu.
He is senior only because he took the promotion route which Mazum refused to take, instead choosing to compete in open positions. Otherwise Mazum has been teaching for longer at NUJS. He was there from the very beginning.
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