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Seems it's open season for rich bosses to make such statements and dump on Gen Z. Just the other day Ajay Bahl said so and before him many others said so, including Elon Musk. I can't understand what is triggering this all of a sudden? Is it because people are quitting jobs?

Also, I don't get why bosses are accusing those demanding a work-life balance of wokeism. Wokeism is something totally different and unrelated. The fact is that everyone needs a work-life balance, irrespective of ideology. It's also not fair to blame Gen Z for it. Gen X and Gen Y too would like it.
If your business (escape from 9-9) is built on keeping others trapped in their 9-9, then there's a long way to go for everyone.
And why is the opinion of a SVP that important? Let's be honest and look at the real facts. That guy is just an SVP. Not 'successful' by any measure. Ajay Bahl & Elon Musk, I understand. But this guy? Anyone listening to his advice really needs to think, if his advice is so good, why is he only an SVP - that too of 'design'. Sheesh. Let's just focus on people who are actually successful. And if we have to look at people of such mediocre achievements only (and thus aim for mediocrity), then at least let's have work-life balance. The fact that this guy sacrifices work-life balance while being that mediocre - what a waste of life.
He has not said anything which is untrue. If somebody wants to lead a life (specially in the younger years in the career) where he/she wants to clock out at 5 PM, it's quite fine. If another person wants to work harder and be more useful to the employer, that's also fine. All he's saying is that the first group shouldn't complain when the second group gets more rewarded by the employer.
He is right. Today's kids need to understand the value of hard work.
Everyone understands it alright. The boomers need to understand that work ≠ life. We all are conscious enough to realise it, and to ask for a good LIFE. This fact of course makes boomers uncomfortable. Probably because they feel bad about themselves? Not sure. Either way, work hard - so as to be able to enjoy life. Thus, have a work life balance. Working hard just for the sake of working hard while not getting any time to enjoy life is a waste.
That's okay. Accept that people who work hard for 12 hours a day will get paid more than you work 8 hours a day and everything will be fine. Don't expect similar packages and career benefits as the former.
1. Yes, you're right, and no one said otherwise.

2. You seem to be confusing a call for a change in overall work culture and outlook towards "hard work" (which really is over work) with individual actions.
People like Ajay Bahl and the SVP of Unacacedmy will very soon say its woke to leave office at all, then they will say its woke to have a home or family or a life.......why dont these rich assholes just come out and say it, they think middle class and poor people are born just to serve these rich sick minded arrogant brats.They think employee employer relationship is MAStEr(us) abs servants relationship (the employee )