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I'm giving this a good chance of success. Barring NLSIU and JGLS, no other law schools have such heavyweight backers. Also, the Dean is likely to replicate the Sudhir and C Rajkumar model and recruit good NLU alumni faculty.
Apart from the Dean, another JGLS professor has left: Vishwas Devaiah, who used to teach in NUJS before. Expect a few more good hires, as most people would rather live in Mumbai than Sonepat.

But you also have to wonder why faculty at NLUs (barring NLSIU post-Sudhir) remains abysmal and all the VCs are mediocre and/or corrupt TLC uncles.
They are approaching the NLUs only to poach faculty. So clearly they have a better opinion of NLU faculty than your anon trollish self.
Really !!??? That's more than Jindal!!! In that case it's a crap option. Better to go GLC and spend that money on an LLM abroad.
Going bullish on this one. They also launched BITSoM, Mumbai a couple years ago and it’s being considered as one of the best emerging B-schools. Leveraging the vast alumni network of BITS Pilani, they’ve already convinced a lot of recruiters to hire from bitsom. I read that Mr. Birla himself is personally involved in ensuring that the B-school fares well. While the final placement statistics aren’t out yet, the summer placements are comparable with those of IIM BLACKIs.
Nice strategy by law firms. Mumbai talent will be trained which will have their owned houses and accommodations, and so law firms won't have to develop compensation packages that factor in steep rentals.
I am sure BITS law school is gonna be another good institute.However, to reach the status of JGLS it will take time.

As on date JGLS faculty and teaching methods is way ahead.

I am sure it help students in future.
What teaching methods? Lol! As for JGLS faculty, very overhyped. 10-15% good people, rest are random freshers holding foreign LLMs without any credible research or publication. The good people get depressed teaching there because they are reminded of the fact that they are service providers to consumers on a daily basis.
JGLS is a very good private university.No doubt it it giving touch competition to the NLU's.Except the fees is very high.

If someone can afford that kind of fees, JGLS is a very good option.

Same way lot many people prefer Ashoka University when it comes to liberal arts as compared to DU.

Again fees is the factor.
It is only when all teachers accept that fact, will teaching get better. Until then, you will keep getting teachers with very high sense of entitlement and tendencies to bully students. You may keep arguing that from a philosophical standpoint, education cannot be a service, or whatever it is that helps you feel more important in your job, but the fact is that students are there for one reason only. You can help them achieve their goal, or you can be sad about the fact that you are a "service provider" (like rest of the working population in this economy).

But if you're into teaching only so you can feel more important than others, because you are doing something "noble", at least make sure your students do not suffer because of the snobbish attitude.

(inb4 ad hominems - I am a faculty at a small college too)
The problem with being β€œ service provider β€œ is not that it makes us feel unimportant in our jobs. It’s that it makes no room for integrity in university culture. It’s not about status- it’s about being able to say you’ve done honest work everyday. If you don’t get that I’m not sure you should be teaching anywhere.
Those things are not mutually exclusive. You can maintain integrity while recognising that you are providing a service, the students are there to seek a service. Just like lawyers - simply because we are a service provider does not mean we don't have integrity.

Also, your original point was that "good people get depressed there", hence the link with feeling important/unimportant.
No. Teachers acting as 'service providers' and students as 'customers' is the worst thing that can happen to a university. The fact that you seem to be unable to understand that makes it clear where the problem of such education lies.
Accidentally upvoted this instead of downvoting. Yucky opinion.
This law school is already starting out with strengths in location, admin, faculty and advisors. Plus, the BITS tag is good. I think it will soon become the top preference for students in Maharashtra, ahead of MNLU, GLC and Narsee Monjee. In terms of national preference, it will probably never overtake NLSIU, NALSAR, NLUD, JGLS and GNLU. But it can put up a strong fight against some of the others and can definitely overtake the bottom 6-7 NLUs.
Is it worth leaving the likes of RMNLU, HNLU or NLUO?

Since it literally screams that it'll get you a T-1 internships. I mean if at the end of the day it places a person at a 18 LPA job, it isn't so bad after all. After the initial payback for 3-5 years, you'll be quite well-off.
Just wait, soon Jio University will set up a law school. You will have an elite private university triangle of Jindal, BITS and Jio (funded by 3 billionaires) and an elite public university triangle of NLSIU, NALSAR and NLUD, with GNLU snapping at their heels because of Modi's backing. These law schools will be the new tier 1.
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This thread and the comments barring AshReh's give weirdly planted vibes. Idk tho
For all the firepower KM Birla may put into this, they won't beat JGLS. Ashish Bharadwaj may be a lot of things but one thing he is not is a good leader. Raj may be a dictator in ways but the reason he has a good hold on JGLS and why the institution has grown so much is that he ensures people under him grows, and he actively takes an interest in their growth, not a single junior faculty would speak of the same for Ashish or his prodigy, Vishwas Deviah. Culture eats strategy for breakfast comes to mind.
Ashish Bharadwaj is not even a lawyer, he is an economist.
Dean of Law school with no idea of CPC, CrPC, Evidence or even jurisprudence or constitutional law. That's a joke.
They should poach some good faculty members from MNLU Mumbai.
BITS known for engineering not law. Mumbai students prefer GLC and MNLU. Few rich kids from city may consider it. But then why not they go to jindal?