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Fellow competition lawyers reading this, please feel free to give facts (preferable) and goss (mandatory) about the following:

1. How is AZB's competition law practise after Samir's departure?

2. Is there a difference in the Bombay and Delhi teams or are the talks of a national team actually true?

3. What is the pay like, between A2-A4 levels?

4. Split of enforcement and merger control? I believe there is no specialization of the nature SAM has in terms of teams that do only one and not the other?

5. Log kaise hai? Hours kaise hai?

The people, most of them are genuinely nice.

And the talks of a national team is a hundred per cent true. If I sit 15 days in Mumbai and 15 days in Delhi, it would not make any difference whatsoever.

Hours are extremely taxing and lengthy, no respite there.

There is no split between enforcement and merger control.
Thanks! What are the compensation levels for the A2-A4 levels, if you could disclose? If you can share fixed and variable split, aapke mooh mai ghee shakar

+ A comment below says hours are "superb". They're lucky or are you unlucky? My sympathies if latter
So actually, how it works is - The Comp team hires a lot, the people they hire sometimes are not good at all. They might have excellent grades but never come up with practical solutions or implementation of tasks.

The people who are a bit incompetent are left alone and are not tasked on a number of transactions at once, which is why some have a great work life balance and excellent work hours. These are mostly people who have joined from 2022 May till date (Have been 10 hires and half of them aren't good).
As someone from outside, really curious, why would they be hired if they were incompetent? Also, joined in 2022 means they’re freshers (unless they weee hired laterally), so like are they expected to deliver at par with their seniors considering they’re expected to come up with practical solutions? Freshers across most teams aren’t great because they’re still learning I guess plus good work life balance sounds like a win in any case.
It is expected for them to deliver on par with their peers, which means other freshers. My statements were not blanket. only around 3-4 of the 15 odd hires are not able to keep up. Also, no one is berating them for it, it is only that important deliverables are not allotted to them. Some team members (other freshers who graduated in 2022) are working late nights and knee-deep in deliverables while these guys are chilling because any work they are tasked with ends up being a do-over or additional review work anyway.
Best competition team in India by far. Hours are superb, partners are caring and pay is excellent
The pay, in comparison to other firms, is not "superb". Not saying AZB pays low (like Chandhiok or ELP), but it is definitely not at par with other tier 1 teams. Firms like Trilegal, SAM, Khaitan and CAM (as well) pay more (both fixed and bonus). Also, "best team" etc is subjective. For some, Trilegal or SAM maybe better, for some AZB. I choose to stay at AZB (even when I can get more money elsewhere) is because my equation with my bosses is good.
The typical I am master and I own the employee/slave mentality like most employers in India.
This brings me to think how’s Samir’s own firm doing? Does he have a lot of work for the firm?