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I am neither a moral policeman nor a gloomy teen like Wednesday Addams. It's just discomforting when you are eating in the mess or studying in the library for a moot, and right in front of you there are couples openly smooching and hugging. I think there is a degree of exhibitionism in it too, such as guys treating girls as trophies, or some people doing it to deliberately piss off an ex who is in the same room --- like, why would you tongue-kiss your gf/bf in the same table where your ex is sitting, when there are other tables free?

I just wonder if we can create private spaces for such couples where they can do it in private? if necessary, there can even be private rooms. Just do it in private, not in front of the whole college.

Do others agree with me?
JGLS probably? The library area is literally a couples smooching space.
Agree. The reading room should be renamed as the coupling room. Extended timings are just an excuse for more make-out time. Sure, make out all you want but some of us want to use the library for studies. We are not nepo kids and can't get a job through our parents. We need to study. So please have some respect for us.
Can I get one if i am coming for moot? How's the hookup culture at Jindal??
Oh, a huge culture of casual hookups and one night stands. You can definitely get some if you are visiting.
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i dont want to pay for extra privacy for these people. just confront them and tell them to behave with some common sense ffs.
Yeah I find privacy when I want to express affection- I don’t need others to pay for it.
This is one of the reasons why I have stopped studying in the common spaces.
Honestly, there is a need for private spaces for couples. Batch sizes are increasing across the board. Spaces are shrinking. Most law schools are in remote areas where there are no safe spaces nearby where one can spend time as a couples, such as malls and parks.
Bumped in light of a recent controversy at an NLU 🀭. The librarian scolded a couple that was necking and making out. They accused him of "moral policing" and "patriarchy".
Poor guy. Young students might not understand this . I certainly didn’t when I was young. But there is a time and place for everything. And the library is not the place for making out. It’s not that people are judging you when they say something. It’s that they don’t want to see you all crawling and drooling all over each other and making noises and basically getting it on. It makes adults uncomfortable to see kids do that. It also makes adults uncomfortable to see adults do that. And you’re not exactly asking for consent when you’re involving someone as a spectator in your sexual exploits. A peck here and there is one thing - but kids nowadays are doing full on making out - come on.
Lol yes this S village side NLU, even i was there during the incident (with my then gf) and what they were doing was genuienly disgusting, it was open tongue and loud moans, super annoying, I guess someone reported
Get over or get under it. Why are you worried about what others are doing. People are also digging noses, scratching armpits, putting gross feet on tables, littering and so on around you. No one's policing them. Hormones are normal in law school. If you're hot and bothered, get a girlfriend. Otherwise mind your own business.