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Currently in my second year at NLU Shimla. While I'm aware there's no straightforward formula, is it possible for a Tier-3 NLU student to get a PPO? Given that the location isn't the best and the Uni is still in development. Tier-3 NLUs are stuck in the weird position, while they are a lot better than some other law colleges solely because of the NLU tag, they lack good alumni base which is arguably the most important thing. Would love to know about any experience related to this. expected, one more anti-JGLS LI user! Keep hating JGLS, makes no difference to the CLaw School or the students/graduates.
Yes, it's very much plausible for a tier-3 NLU student to get a PPO, though the odds are against you. There are very few students who are able to get one, but even non-NLU students are able to make it. It's just that the cards are on you and there is little that your university will provide for you.
It is not plausible. Just check out your alumni and I am sure you won't find a single alumni in a T1 firm and even if you do find they will be extremely connected. The truth is T1 firms are super picky and most times the HR won't even open your CV. If I were you I would do the following things:

1. Prepare for judiciary or other legal exams.

2. Reappear for CLAT and switch to a higher NLU (tier 1) only.

3. Prepare for MBA colleges.

4. Choose a career in academics and focus on that.

5. Prepare for a career in litigation and similar stuff.

The corporate dream from NLU Shima is not only distant it's borderline impossible. Your college matters a lot, it's sad but it's the truth.

Best of luck!
Please don't listen to this comment. Anything is possible if you work hard enough - sure, T1 NLUs have it a hundred times easier than you, but if you're willing to put in the effort (which would be a lot), you can get a PPO.

Work on your CV - things which are in your control, such as publications, moots, debates, etc. etc. In my experience, writing papers is the easiest out of all, as you don't need any team participation and can work on it alone.

Once you have a decent enough CV, start networking on LinkedIn (and other platforms too, but I'm unaware). Talk to lawyers on LinkedIn and senior students who've interned at good firms - get as much guidance as you can. Along with this, try cold-emailing as well.

These are enough to land you an internship. Getting a PPO is totally dependent on your knowledge, work ethic, ability to gel well with the team, and timing.
Haven't CLAT coaching centres sold enough dreams? Don't lie to the kid.
This is so untrue. Apart from a few firms, most do not care what college you are from and there is no connection whatsoever between your college and scoring a PPO. Non-NLU Tier 3 Private Uni kids, including myself, have scored PPO's in Tier 1 firms. Its just that we have work a lot harder to stand out from the crowd.
There's no connection of a Tier 3 NLU ( or for that matter, any NLU ) with a PPO.

The only thing that matters is your work in the firm and your eagerness to work for the firm.

All these 'T1 Law School' tag only exists till providing you with an internship, after that your work matters!
and how will someone secure a PPO if they don't get a decent internship?