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I have secured admission in NUJS for LLM via CLAT-PG 2023 in the first list. I had a couple of questions and would really appreciate if someone could answer them. There is very little information about the LLM programme of NUJS on the internet, so any help would be highly appreciated. Here are my questions:

1. Do LLM students get to avail the hostel facility? If not, where do the LLMs usually find accommodation? What is the general rent like in some PG/Flats around the college?

2. Are there placements for the LLM batch? If yes, what is the average package like and who are the recruiters? (I understand that the placements might not exist for LLMs or be very low. Still, I would like to get a picture of it).

3. What is the academic rigour like? Can one manage the coursework while simultaneously preparing for judiciary?

4. What is the faculty like at the masters level? Also, does the college permit LLMs to attend certain undergrad courses?

5. Your overall experience of pursuing LLM from the college and is it worth it?

Thanks a lot!
1. No hostel facility as of now for the LLMs until the new hostels get built (not anytime soon). Plenty of PGs nearby, affordable ones within 10k monthly too (higher ranges exist). You can reach there and get lists/numbers from admin staff like Sovan.

2. Placements will depend upon your batch. LLB batches handle their own placement, the university will just provide facilities needed. There are examples of LLM students having been placed from campus. Talk to the different faculty for connections/references. If you are good and hard working enough, then you will get a job. LLB students or their CRC won't help with their legacy contacts.

3. Depends on your undergrad experience. If you come from an NLU or private university having similar syllabus or pedagogy, it will be easy. Not always for TLC people. Less mugging up involved. Writing projects and presenting those may be a new experience for you. Plenty of time available to prep for judiciary or UPSC. Extensions etc. available for real reasons for project and dissertation submission.

4. Mostly same faculty teach undergrads and postgrads here. Some visiting faculty will be there based on your chosen specialisation. Rooms are at a premium till the new ones become fully operational, so classes may often take place in the second half only. You may sit in any undergrad class taking the faculty's permission, nobody would refuse you.
Once again, don't do LLMs in India. If you are from Kolkata then consider an MBA from IIM Calcutta or IIFT, or even ICFAI, Amity and IISWBM. I know someone who did an MBA from ICFAI Kolkata.He works in a top bank and is earning more than Indian LLM grads.
Once again, limit your advice to matters of relevance. You don't get to dictate which discipline one may wish to study. Clearly, you don't do something to earn enough for your taste, so focus on changing that instead.
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