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Wrote CLAT this year (fresher), got through to NLUO. My backup plan has always been JGLS, so I'm confused as to which one is better in terms of faculty, future prospects, industry rep and just generally.
JGLS would be ahead in all the parameters that you mentioned. The only question is that whether it is worth all that extra money. In my opinion, it is not. But if you can afford it without loans or putting pressure on your family, then you should go for It.
I mostly agree with the above. NLU-O has good prospects for anyone who works hard, with a respectable placement record and LLM offers, a good mooting culture and decent industry rep. The faculty is likely to be very average. It will also, IMO, have a slightly better crowd that Jindal, which has a MASSIVE intake. They will take anyone as long as they write the cheque.

You're more likely to find better faculty at Jindal. There are some excellent teachers and general perception is that an average teacher at Jindal would be better than an average teacher at a T2 NLU. In terms of placements, they do have very good placements, but when assessing the figures, take into account the much larger batch size and that many PPOs may actually have come from connections (after all, it is the land of the rich). They also have a very good mooting culture, offer some papers and opportunities that other places don't or are just starting to and attract have a great campus.

But, like the person before me said, the question is if it is worth it. Is Jindal better? Probably. But is it worth it? Only if you come from a very comfortable family and you can afford to pay the fee easily. For parents, our education is a priority, so if Jindal is what you decide, they may make it work, even if it strains them. Here's a quick test: if you have to take a loan or liquidate any assets, DON'T do it. NLU-O is a great place. But if you can pay the fee and still have plenty left in your education fund to go for a fancy LLM abroad, then Jindal is the place for you.
I would choose NLU and I will tell you why.

1. Better ROI - The biggest factor is ROI, 50 lakhs for a B.A LL.B. degree is not necessarily a wise decision.

2. Placements- What people forget is that NLUO has been doing really well. If we compare in percentages, then I would say NLUO is doing exceedingly well compared to Jindal. Jindal has an enormous batch size which is a deterrent at most times.

3. Crowd- Now this is very controversial, in what parameters do we define a better crowd? Here, better crowd means, which college has a smarter crowd and I would say NLUO because Jindal literally takes everybody in. They have no filtering, LSAT is a joke.

Apart from these two reasons Jindal is better in all parameters. Better faculty, better campus, better research facilities etc etc. Infact, if you know how to socialise, you will get a chance to meet very connected individuals that can be turned into your favour.
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Man, go for jindal!!

Lower nlus are not worth it!!

Mind my words or u will regret later!
OK dude, for your sake, that not might be a lower Nlu but it is not as good as jindal!!
I too graduated from nluo,,, and to the best of my knowledge,,, all I can say that nluo is not better than jindal,,,,

Jindal is far far away than nluo

coming from an NLUO student.
Nluo is way better.Nluo kids are meritorious but Jindal kids are wealthy.Publish and don't censor.
go to jindal and ruin your life. I am one amongst the JGLS student and bet that only some can create a future there after paying a hefty fee.
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