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Got into nliu after dropping a year, not sure if i can spend 5 years of my life in this place (personal hate nothing else) is it okay to prepare just for Ailet along with college and move? Is wasting a year of law school even worth it or should i continue to suffer and survive keeping in mind that Iā€™m already 19. does it get better?
Merit or demerits of places notwithstanding (and NLIU is generally perceived as a good enough place), dropping for AILET is a huge risk compared to CLAT, as the odds of getting into the cut-off are quite low and there is the risk you'll be unlucky.

The beginning of any college is hard - it might possibly get better. Are you sure you don't want to stay at NLIU and things won't get better?
Do you really think that it is worth sacrificing a year (making you 20) + 3 lakhs that you would've already invested for taking an exam having a passing rate of about 0.004%?

Although, I get the feeling that you might have a reservation of some kind from the tone of your query (speculative). Supposing that you're having OBC reservation, you would require a rank of under 500 which is quite doable if you ask me (increasing your passing rate by 735%~0.029). If you're from any other category then it gets even better i.e. EWS, SC, ST, PwD, etc. (yes, there are more).

All in all, you can definitely consider if you have a reservation of some sort and believe that you have got the potential of cracking a better NLU.