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Baby ChatGPT has arrived with deep (neuro) science embedded in it.

One of our colleagues, Adimesh Lochan asked ChatGPT to compose a poem on our firm. In a split second, ChatGPT presented us with a delightful response. Please see below a screengrab of the result:

A firm of renown,
Nishith Desai Associates,
Advising on law,
Both national and international,
Their team, expert and astute,
Guiding Clients with utmost repute.

In M&A and private equity,
Their counsel is sought with great frequency,
In tax and regulation,
Their advise is top of the nation,

In intellectual property,
Their expertise is unparalleled surely,
In litigation and arbitration,
Their success rate is commendable and true.

With offices in multiple cities,
They serve clients with great ease,
Nishith Desai Associates,
A name to remember with great please.
To sully the name of this illustrious place there comes a vandal,

And all of a sudden does NDA become synonymous with a scandal.
Wah! You said so much more in two lines that the bot could not in 18.
Said the client, "The poem is amusing, we all laughed with unbridled glee

but let us now discuss the topic of your obscene fee."

"What has become of my firm?", moans Nishith Bhai, while sitting in his Imaginarium,

"Your stars are not aligned", preaches Seema Aunty as she enjoys a show at Nehru Planetarium.

Back at Maker Maxity, wonders a harried associate with diminishing tenacity,

"Can ChatGPT truly capture NDAs mendacity?"

A poem masterfully written, though woefully cringe,

NDA is a law firm once venerated, though now relegated to the fringe.
Tier-1 they said, a Firm of high repute;

Panama Papers, one retorts, a sharp rebuke!
Why be satisifed by a short poem when the whole story book is available on the net?

These are some line from my neuro science:

There can only be one overlord said Nishith Bhai,
Many associates with ambition bid the firm bye bye,
A couple of them took with them some souvenier,
That made some busy body whistle blowers aware,
And with the sleuths everything they did share,
Lord declared I am not in business but profession of law,
But truth is he is master of Mauritius treaty and its flaw.
Someone posted this poem on a reddit thread on connection between Adani and NDA scandals (

Deflecting from the truth they say,

With irrelevant talk every day.

Admission of guilt in disguise,

Trying to hide the truth that lies.

A form of distraction from the scene,

To keep the truth from being seen.

But deep down we all know the score,

The truth will rise like never before.

An attempt to save face and win,

But in the end, truth always wins.

So let the truth be told with pride,

And keep the lies forever aside.