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I graduated from one of the top private law colleges and have a decent CV (did moot, publications and corporate internships during my law school). Decided to not join firm after graduation and prepared for SEBI, as my dad wanted me to to crack this exam, unfortunately form didn't come this year.

However, in order to keep in touch with practical happenings in corporate arena, I did work under one of the advocates of the High Court. But, that's not what I want to keep doing for the rest of my life. Therefore, I start applying for jobs in corporate firms.

It has been 1.5 months since I started sending my applications to varied firms (tier 1, 2, 3, boutique) despite that I could not get an interview call from any of them neither assessment internship which I am willing to do. Completely clueless what to do now. Any suggestion/help?
Hey, I completely understand what you may be going through. My two cents a) keep applying and be patient. Your next opportunity is just a call away. If you are persistent then this will surely work out. b) until you receive that email/call, continue investing in yourself. Keep reading the law and updating yourself with the legal changes. Don’t give up and keep trying. And trust me, it will work out fine for you. Take care and god bless!
Might make sense to get your CV professionally reviewed. Just to make sure that you aren't making any major mistakes.
Hey, thanks for the advice. Even I think now that I have been making some major mistakes in my CV, but I don't know many seniors. So if anyone (including you) who can review my CV? That will be helpful
Shame on you for being unkind when someone is genuinely asking for help / guidance.
In my opinion, there aren’t enough jobs in the legal market. If you were someone with a B.Tech degree even from a half decent college, this problem wouldn’t have occurred. Maybe you’ll get paid less (4-6 LPA), but at least you’ll get a job.

Since you were preparing for SEBI, I am assuming that you also prepared for the maths and reasoning part. Thus, I would recommend you to leverage that preparation to your advantage and give other competitive exams like SBI, Bank PO, RBI, Railways etc. That’s definitely better than being unemployed, or doing zomato/Uber etc. as the other guy suggested.