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Because what we are seeing is that these kids download pirated movies 24x7 and hog bandwidth. No issue if you want to see pirated movies, but please use your own internet connection, because seniors need the net for important tasks like moots and projects research. Also, seniors share movies thus saving both bandwidth and electricity, whereas you people all download/stream the same movie. Why can't you people share movies? Why do 100 people need to download the same movie?
Based on this post, GNLU seniors not only share, but overshare.
I’m not from GNLU but I did something similar in my first year at NLUJ. There’s a different level of thrill and satisfaction you feel after downloading stuff from hi speed public wifis lol. Movies aren’t even a big deal. I used to download 75-100 GB of games on torrent every other day and it was really fun to see the download finish within 1-2 hours while sitting in the library XD. A few students might have to bear with the slow loading screen of SCC/Manupatra but that’s not my problem :)

It became so convenient and fun that I would download large games just to try them out, and if I didn’t like it, I’ll just delete it and download another one. Good times.
the first thing law students are doing is breaking the law lmao
There is a concept of starting a inter batch mail thread for stuff like this, look into that and stop spamming LI with your gunloo drama
2 GB per day of data costs Rs 300 per month, for God's sake!