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The Annual NUJS-HSF Moot is scheduled to take place from 20-22nd January this year. The peculiar thing about this year’s competition (in contrast to 2022) was that no notifications were issued either by NUJS or HSF regarding this competition. Neither the brochure nor the moot problem are available anywhere on the net. In fact, no pre-invitation or registration forms were released! Was it only invitation based this time around? If so, were only the so called β€˜elite’ colleges invited in the competition? Is this the first time NUJS has employed such a discriminating practice of not even releasing a shred of information out in the public, let alone the important documents? Is this not unfair towards the other law schools?
AFAIK, my university got a notification, despite not being a top tier private one.
A lot many didn’t. Check their social media- no forms/brochures have been released by them. The notification was released on the very the competition was taking place.
Ig NUJS HSF is an invite only moot, although management and organisation by MCS is pathetic. Had there was no HSF with NUJS, no one would have picked up this moot though it is being organised by a tier-1 NLU.
Your discriminatory approach of inviting only certain elite colleges seems to indicate otherwise :-)
nopes. I won the moot a couple of years ago; hence, I am saying this.
But why make it so exclusive to the extent that you don’t even let people know that the moot is taking place till the very last day?
I request the mod to remove the β€˜contested’ tag from this post. All the info is legit; you can verify it from their social media.
Any NUJS student here who can perhaps comment on this situation?
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We are busy doing after party. Don't care about what anon trolls complain about. Life is good.
From you ad hominem response , it’s quite evident who the β€œanon troll” is. I asked a simple question to which you couldn’t give a straight response. Seems like my averments of HSF corp law moot being a cretin-worthy exclusionary tournament are true then :)
How did you consider it ad-hominem, since it was a comment in general? As for your averments, nobody cares about them. The only cretin here appears to be you, and yes, you may now consider it ad hominem. People who have got complaints and instead of using proper channels, resort to anon mud slinging, don't really deserve any answer.
Exactly my point! How is calling someone an β€œanon troll”, by any extent, not an ad hominem attack? And you don’t seem to be very a likeable person by the way you respond to legitimate queries. And insofar as my averments are concerned, they are absolutely true and cannot be considered as mud slinging at all. It is an undeniable fact that you guy’s didn’t even put out the notification that the moot was happening till the very last date and neither were any registration forms put out. You may go ahead and verify the veracity of my contention in any which way you like.

PS- Mod, the fact that you have marked β€œNoojie’s” comment as featured does reflect your biases in some ways, I hope you won’t flag this comment as trollish or even worse, don’t publish it at all.