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Just heard from someone that GNLU Alumni Dept is conducting a batch reunion of the first batch of the college from today. Like, can't they just get over with the Convocation thing for our batch, it has been kept pending for God know. Almost every other top NLUs have completed their Convocation for the 2021 batch. Can anyone from GNLU kindly clarify on this, like who is heading the GNLU Alumni Dept presently, and when the much-postponed Convocation for our batch will take place. Also, 2021 Grads of GNLU reading this, let us collectively write a serious mail to the Director regarding this.
Batch of 2020 had to wait 2 years for an in-person convocation and even after that J. DYC could not make it xD
Sorry to break it to you but there was a fire at gunloo and all your degrees got burnt away. So the admin has nothing to give out for convo and your college education of five years was for nothing. Better move out of your jobs quick and fast and relocate to china before they set out the cops on you for working without degrees. You can thank me later.
Hey junior just listen to me. Your opinion is even more irrelevant than you are junior. You are destined to be a failure, and don't worry you wont receive a job.
I would give a clear, honest answer to all the Qs posed above since I am from GNLU..

1st question how is heading the GNLU Alumni presently? - ▮▮▮ he got the Convenor position without giving any interview. ▮▮▮

2nd question is when the Convocation for the 2021 batch would take place?- Should ideally happen this semester itself, considering how much delay has already being caused. But would depend on when the Alumni Dept actually wakes up. This delay has already meant that the Convocation for the '22 batch is also delayed indefinitely.

3rd point is for the 2021 Grads of GNLU to write a collective serious mail- Yes, you can go ahead and write a collective mail. However, since the Dept is currently busy sleeping, your mail will most likely to be ignored.
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