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This Vice Documentary explains the scam that is Andrew Tate, and it is being shared in the public interest -

Here's my message to those who are/were swayed by his misleading, self-serving and poisonous rhetoric-

Forgive yourselves. There are no shortcuts to success. Be honest and listen to yourself - identify skills you have an aptitude for, and accordingly develop your competencies and niche at work. Being virtuous doesn't mean being a pushover- be mindful of this difference in your professional and personal life and don't be a pushover. Just this will have women and opportunities chase you (not the other way around).
The actual video seems to be heavily region locked, but some YouTubers have done reaction takes on it.

Trigger warnings etc apply, including this guy who is basically a leftie YT troll (as evidenced by the EXPOSED in the headline), though his 'analysis' / reactions in this context are reasonable: