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Saw RGNUL place it's stats for this session. 13 placements in 150 odd students. Is this what a T2 NLU is for real? For any future aspirant NLUO and HNLU over ▮▮▮ like RGNUL, MNLU, RML CNLU etc. These arent worthy of being labelled Tier 2.
13/250 is almost the same as JGLS average placement at less than 25% fees.
You are doubly incorrect: first, to match JGLS placement, you need at least 87 placements (even on average years, at least 40); second, your RGNUL fees are roughly 50% of JGLS.
JGLS charges 8 LPA, RGNUL less than 3. So, your maths doesn't add up.
Naveen's father on one night had a twinkle in his eyes...the rest is history.
Rgnul does not appear to have collated or listed those placed in non-tier firms, think tanks, or chambers, like nluo has, to pump these rookie number up
NLUO has almost 95% of the placement in tiered-law firms. Please conduct diligence before spreading misinformation. Even the 2023 batch has placed 45+ till now. Most in top tier law firms. Some in listed Companies.
Simple answer: RGNUL is probably the most overrated NLU
As an RGNUL insider, the news is simply outdated, though not untrue.

1. We have more than 13 placements as of yet, new and all of these standard placements reported are PPOs.

2. Campus placements are ongoing and data regarding that is yet to be compiled, as new offers chime in from S&A, AZB and JSA.

3. Majority of RGNUL students take to strictly litigation practises, judiciary, competitive exams or further studies. So an appropriate comparison would be to see how many students who opt for business specialization with the intention to get placed in the corporate, and compare the placements. That is still a good percentage.

4. But the truth remains, the placement scene is shit. I hope these numbers turn the tide for our batch, which is due next.

This is not to put my college in the best light or bash it, but having spent four years here, I have seen the toil in a lot of my dedicated batchmates who suffer grossly due to prejudice. I believe its time that changes, considering we have produced a bunch of brilliant people, and will continue to do so as our time comes.