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I have heard that they engage with ISPs to check your browser history so better clear out those incest porn searches
BUMP - much needed info. I heard Khaitan has engaged someone but not sure exactly what they check and how.
I joined Khaitan post lockdown but was still wfh from a difficult to access village. Khaitan sent a poor guy all the way till there to do background verification. So funny and sad at the same time.
He came, looked at my ID card, took its photo, tooky photo with my home in the background, took a photo of my father with me and my home in the background, requested my neighbour to identify me ad took his signatures on the identification statement

Other than that, the agency they hired for background verification has also sent a questionnaire to my previous employer asking about me and my credentials
Genuinely unaware so asking. Did they do all of this after they sent you the offer letter, i.e., after you started working with KCo or after the interview ? When exactly was this done ?
And to whom in the previous firm do they send the questionnaire ? To a person of our choice (as in, do they ask us to provide the name of someone from the previous firm) or do they randomly chose some partner / PA / HR / CEO ?
What documents are checked? Seems like an elaborate check
Kco earlier didn't give a fuck but now many since a conman (like saul Goodman) had joined the firm
They will check your socials to see how much you post about Andrew Tate and Jordan Petersen. If you post an annoying large number of that shit they will pass on you. True story :)
What happens if you acrimoniously split from previous team - just not on good terms. Will the new employer speak to them and ask for their feedback?
What about Tier 1 and Tier 2 firms - what is their process of background/ experience check. Do they call previous workplace (HR/partner)?
Wanted to know about people who get laid off - what reason do they give for leaving last place and how do they check with last firm?