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Hello everyone! As a student who just finished their third semester in the 2nd year, I have my first internship at a small firm in Mumbai beginning next week at the start of December.

Starting college during the pandemic has led to barely any opportunities to intern in my first year, along with the known inadequacies of online learning, hence I was looking for some general or specific advice on commencing internships, how to make a good impression, things to be aware of before starting and any other advice, etc.

I would appreciate any input, as looking through the net and LegallyIndia for this has led to scarce results for this specific topic. I would greatly appreciate any advice, and am a little stressed out about how to proceed.

Thank you!
Also, what am I supposed to wear, what is meant by formals?

Do I need to wear pants and shirts only daily? Do I need to wear a blazer?
1. Learn automatic numbering
2. Follow the firm's preferred font, font size, alignment etc if they have otherwise times new roman 11 and text justified should be okay
3. dress formal, only black white works if you are tight on budget, but pls dont introduce pastel shades of yellows, purples every other day if the shirts are cheap. nobody cares if the shirts are white and mute but if the shirt and cheap and loud it turns me off
4. if you are submitting any legal research, cite the law using footnote - by law i mean law not any secondary source like HT, IpLEADERS ETC.

Sorry for my typing im dyslexic guys it's hard for me t o type normally