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News channels and newspapers are reporting this case 24x7, but unfortunately the reporting is sensationalist and does not address the core issue. The core issue is talking about how to prevent such abuse taking place in relationships. In our own circle we have seen the horrific testimonies of survivors from NLSIU and NLUD that were written on Facebook and Medium (I think LI covered it too, during #MeToo)

There are some really relevant questions this case brings out:

- How can dating apps be made safer? (these two met on a dating app)
- Why does nobody report abusive guys to the cops?
- Why are educated girls falling for abusive guys and staying in these toxic relationships?
- Does our media wrongly glamorise toxic men?
When there is lack of strong foundation of one's own self - it can be invalidated by someone who senses this about you. So firstly, listen to your parents, because a predator can sense who is a rabbit and who is a hyena. They go for the rabbits.
I mean . Really just make it safe for women. Make it safe for them to date who they want to date. Make it safe for them to dump that person when things turn bad. Make them financially independent, make it socially acceptable to be single or unmarried or divorced. Teach young girls from when they are children that they deserve to be treated here gently and kindly and respectfully and that violence is never acceptable. Not once not ever.

Instead you have a society where it is not safe for women to date or to be with people they choose . It’s definitely not safe to break up or dump a dude. It’s extremely hard to become financially independent. And even when you do- everyone expects you to be married or with someone . The pressure is insane. So many women I know are staying with men they do not love because of that pressure. And these men also don’t have the self respect to let her go. Make it okay for her to be single, make it okay for her to be divorced. Then she might actually get away. On top of this so many women believe they just have to put up with violence if they are with a man . That it’s a form of affection. That they don’t deserve better and that they were put on this earth to be of service to someone else, be someone else’s therapy, be someone else’s punching bag. Not to fulfil their own dreams or chase their own ambition. What toxic nonsense is that ?
Why are NLUs being mentioned for no reasons? NLUs are very progressive and the safest spaces that you will find. Girls are treated with respect there, unlike engineering schools.
its so fked right now, can't even walk home or to my hostel safely imagining my exes might be lurking somewhere.

I did face an incident once regarding this, I mean I've lost all hopes of dating men altogether
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