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Can someone please tell me about the work, culture and senior under Khaitan’s Abhinav Chandan at Gurgaon?

Received an offer and want to know whether there exists a work life balance?
Which all teams sit at the Gurgaon office, a brief idea would help
Corporate, Cap Markets, Real Estate, TMT, Tax, EIR and IP
great boss to work with. work can get a bit hectic sometimes. but the team and partner are very supportive. you will learn a lot.
You should consider this as you will definitely learn a lot. Fantastic lawyer and chilled out.
Might seem like coming from the horse’s mouth, but the TMT team is an absolute beast. All the bosses are super cool, nice and thoughtful. There are no under handed insults thrown at the associates. They’re given multiple chances & opportunities to rectify their mistakes, justified, of course. The whole team works like a β€˜Team’ and helps each other out. To answer your question, Mr. Abhinav Chandan is an amazing boss who’s always willing to help out and direct the associates whenever required, even if the work is not from his domain. The work culture at KCO is also very professional and strives towards building up the person as a whole and as a professional for which the partners train the juniors themselves and KCO keeps organising grooming and training sessions.

PS: About the dress code, there’s no shooting of β€˜Suits’ happening in KCO, therefore, we all dress like we’re supposed to in a law firm, i.e., Western Formal.

Hope this helps :)
There's no team or office in Gurgaon per se. Just a satellite office. The partner just has one Gurgaon based client (which is a big ticket client) and you will be expected to work mostly with this client. The exposure will be limited to contract management and one sub-area in the telecom law domain. Don't join if you're looking for a diverse and engaging TMT experience. Nonetheless, you get the KCo tag and might get to work on some good TMT matters that may sporadically come your way from the main KCo offices but that is not guaranteed.