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"I recognised that as an Indian American I had a very low statistical chance of admission, but a black applicant with average test scores had a high probability of admission"

β€œI believe that affirmative action is a system of legalised racial discrimination that has destroyed the dreams and aspirations of millions of people whose only fault is the colour of their skin or the shape of their eyes"

He is among the activists who want the US Supreme Court to rule against affirmative action
Lol, full jugaadi scamster.

Aren't Asian Americans, including South Asians, the most well-off ethnic group in the US? (Answer, yes, they are: - i.e., their median income is higher than Caucasian Americans', and twice as much as African Americans').
While, you are at it, might as well care to add that it's the brahmanical hegemony and centuries of casteist oppression, in the USA, which rewards south asians with well-off life trajectories, while they themslves oppress and make the black african-americans live like complete outcasts, and thus prevent their upward mobility by castigating their identity on the basis of their birth!
So if my ethnic group is rich (irrespective of whether I am or not) I have to be systematically discriminated against? If this is not racism what is?
The point is that your ethnic group might not need the same support as an ethnic group that literally had less rights than livestock in many parts of the US, perhaps just over a hundred years ago, after having been literally human trafficked and enslaved en masse, and much more recently, including in the majority of the last century and until well into its latter half, were not allowed to sit in the same section of a bus or go to the same school as whites or marry outside their race or were systematically lynched, often with support of law enforcement.

Segregation in the US is still in living memory and the economic and social damage caused by such policies can arguably never be repaired, and definitely not eradicated from black communities in a generation or two.

Sure, it might be unfair if you're the self-described lazy brother of Mindy Kaling whose grades were too crap to get into medical school, but slavery and not getting any reparations for it isn't fair either, is it? So which is more unfair?
You are not being discriminated against, you are given a proportional chance depending on the size of your ethnic group.
That is not the point. The point is that he did not make it to med school with an Indian background but made it while pretending to be black. This is anti-merit and anti-science.
The point is that brown people are arguably fairly / over-represented in the medical and other elite professions already. Providing a basic or higher education is not just about 'merit' and 'science', as you call it, but also about building a future society that is hopefully fairer and less racist, and not just made up of white people.
Do you also run a website called legally soviet russia?

Asians in US were systematically discriminated against for more than a century since forcefully trafficked as railroad labor - which you may not have heard about of course and escaping persecution and again being persecuted for their skin colour and treated like second class citizens. Persecuted again during 2nd world war as japs, and then after 9/11 as jihadis

Facing violence from whites and African Americans both - (black on Asian crime is
Far more than white on black crime - educate yourself about it - there is actual data on this)

And succeeding thanks to their work ethics (asian work ethics is staff of legends even in Silicon Valley or general US folklore)

Now you want to sacrifice their careers under the bus of some vague social justice

This is what real racism looks like
Some good points but what does this have to do with Soviet Russia?
The idea that there has to be equity irrespective of merit came from Leninism. Today’s social justice agenda especially racial justice you have bought into is a veiled version of cultural marxism repackaged by law profs at harvard as CRT. Also, while China goes for out and out eugenics a USA that sacrifices merit is a very dangerous world.
Please tell me where your idea of 'merit' comes from. Chances are whatever you say would involve assumptions about someone getting more opportunities than another in the childhood as given.
That sounds like tripe and your reference to Lenin is obviously trollish. A lot of the modern equality of man (and woman) stuff and ideas surely comes from multiple sources rather some vague Mccarthyist spectre of 'the commies'. Much of the bedrock of these ideas in the West predate Marx and Lenin, and include humanist thinkers and others the enlightenment period, and if you want to go further back, also some Christian ideals, or sects like the Quakers, and touch issues such as postcolonial reparations for the damage done by Western States (including in India, no doubt).

It might be simpler to claim it's all Marxism for you, but perhaps that is because Marx was an outsize political thinker who has influenced the world as much as Adam Smith or whoever else you admire. But not everything you dislike is due to Marx (or Lenin), and even if they had a role to play, that's not an argument against what you want to disprove, any more than blaming Sun Tzu for every war in the world or Kautilya for how nasty politicians are nowadays.
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What a complete moron the moderator is! Asians are 50% of the human race, yet whites still dominate all professions. How is that over-representation?