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I have been with my team my whole life. I am observing some things I found odd, before I am due for partner in coming year.

The Partner sometimes doesnt take my calls when i call him and then calls back the junior on the matter and takes briefing on matters and doesnt involve me although i am working.

I am seniormost after Partner but i am not getting juniors on lot of matters making me single contributor. My juniors get juniors on their matters. I am told one of many things - i should be able to do it alone, their matters are more complex or that there is low bandwidth.

Partner gives me work that needs to be done on weekend and then doesnt take calls or answers messages. If he picks up he is very rude and irritated. He will call me on the weekend when he feels like and i am not able to make any plans. If i ask him to give me a designated time, he just doesnt respond and calls up randomly.

He is passive aggressive. When i enter his room he says he doesnt have time and makes an irritated face, but I have seen him spend lot of time smiling and chatting with some juniors.

I am made to feel bad for taking leave but others in the team take long leaves like 10 days or more at one time. Sometimes i am told that if i need to take leave i will still have to manage work. This also happened when my leg was to undergo minor surgery.

I am tasked on matters that are consequential but not high profile. I do meet my billing target.

All of this has happened since last year. Does my partner want me to leave or are they simply telling me not to expect partnership? We are not the A team in the firm.

Please help as i am very distraught and i have started suffering from constant anxiety and self doubt.
Just out of curiosity, are you Male/Female? Partner is a man here, guessing from your post.
yeah, gender discrimination, women kept out of work discouraged from making partner except those 4-5 for linkedin posts
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Your post feels like a conversation with my anxiety.
"Due for partnership" - wow, what entitlement. Partnership needs to be earned, not expected on account of an efflux of time spent at a particular position.
Please start looking out. The writing is on wall, your Partner is giving you all the signals that he will not take you to next level or rather make you equal with him. He is done taking whatever you had to offer, he will or have already moved to his next target (likely one of your colleague) to carry on with his practice by showing somebody else a partner track.
This. Either way I'd look out for better places. Such toxic behavior for whatever reason doesn't end well.