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@R: The designation is confirmed. The NUJS SJA has released it.
As a NALSARite, I can confirm that students here enthusiastically turn up for lectures and are able to engage in meaningful discussions in class.
Yes wonderful teachers where we totally don't sleep
One question: A person without an LLM can join as a law faculty?
DVPs can. Even more so with the UGC's new Professor of Practice idea.
Yes in case of 'Chair Professor' (as per rules of the endowment creating that chair) and 'Visiting Professor' (no specific UGC guideline for that).

Also, recently, the UGC released regulations creating a designation called 'Professor of Practice' where universities can open recruitment for people with minimum 15 years of industrial experience, even if they do not have the requisite academic qualification for asst. professor (masters + NET or PhD).
The question is whether he will be teaching or not. At NLUD and JGLS you have had former SC judges teaching courses. Anyway, good for the college's image. They could invite Indira Banerjee to join full time too.