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For example, do they directly hand over sacks of cash to people? Or route money offshore through shell companies, or even crypto? Do they offer commissions for work done? Or give expensive gifts during Diwali? Or even give jobs to their family members?
Can't say whether the others happen or not due to a lack of first hand knowledge but jobs to family definitely does happen. Needn't be a bribe for a specific thing but to maintain "good relations"

There's also been a publicly reported incident of a big firm paying bribes on behalf of Amazon but no convictions etc. or anything of that sort
Not really, law firms don't really fit into the main picture for the need to pay for something to be done, they don't run the game anyway
It's bullshit to say law firms dint bribe Infact law firms are the biggest bribers in country They brible so many, from police to tax authorities to judges.Law firms are experts in bribing and sometimes they are only hired for this purpose of "bribing" authorities to "manage" a case.

To find a way to 'bribe' a sitting SC judge watch Justice Shah's speech which starts around 43 minutes onwards and ends around the 1 hr mark (there is an admission in the end)
Happens all the time. Exchange for money, placements, and even *** (can't name this last component). If you've observed, good looking folks are most engaged in BD.

Think about this carefully. Apart from the 'smaller platform', all the other firms are family run, with a concentrated source of wealth and power. Apart from merit, one needs to also have other attributes to succeed.
This is what law firms do all the time."FIx" outcome of cases for big shot clients.They bribe the people in the Registry of that Ciurt and get matter listed before a particular judge or bench.then that bench or judge who has already received "gifts" asses in order or judgement in favour of the client of law firm.
Sarkaari afsaro aur GCs ki aulaado ko placement dena in exchange for work from the company/government.
Law Firms have 'consultants' they recommend to clients when a matter requires 'liasoning' with sectoral regulators, and tribunals. There are exceptions to this rule, like a partner at Tier I who was fired for bribery last year.
Lawyers esp the seniors are well connected in the political cricles. Legal fraternity has the highest number of MPs and MLAs.