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Keep seeing posts on top talent shifting to Trilegal from NDA, KCO, CAM and everywhere basically. Why is it that Trilegal is attracting so much talent?
I am ex-NDA (but not at Trilegal). There has been a massive attrition in NDA in the last two years. Reason being that the firm is on a downslide and many were finding their careers limited due to the lack of a partnership structure at NDA. All the details are at

Quite a few (risk averse) folks who quit NDA joined the big law firms, with Trilegal getting the lion's share. Why Trilegal got the loin's share? Perhaps because it has been expanding most rapidly, and has the least amount of legacy culture or one person/family influence among all the big law firms.

A few folks started their own shops, or joined startups of the NDA alumni. The remaining went for higher education or became in-house counsel.

Cannot comment on why folks from KCO and CAM have moved to Trilegal.
Non-family oriented partnership model solely on merit+great work-life balance is most teams and healthy and supportive work environment
This sounds more like a Trilegalistic post. Merit alone doesn't work in Trilegal. You need to play your cards right. For that matter-no law firm in India is only regulated based on merit. You need to have that 'X' factor to play out.
Think the comment means it's atleast not your last name. Playing cards right, networking and knowing where the money is merit imo.
good work, work-life balance, kind and considerate people, highest paymaster. These are some of the qualities which Trilegal possesses!
Because the smaller platform , in infamous words of a papa-ka-laadla running law firm on legacy, is not small and petty like lala shops.
Trilegal is the best paymaster and not run by any uncles or brothers or sisters. It is clear why it remains the no.1 choice for all corp lawyers
I am a SA at a T1 and have applied to Tri thinking I will work with the best minds. Now I also hear its a graveyard for counsels. They are picking partners from other T1 who have a 'book'. Very few home grown partners, as most partner are struggling to meet their targets and counsels in those teams have no shot to be promoted into the partnership. If I go across, I hope the above changes quickly.
Heard all bestowing โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ is moving he going to trilegal ?
Suna hai wahan associates to โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ, and Trilegal mgmt ignored it because the partner makes decent Money..ohh yes merit. At least lala culture tou nahi hai
Their bonuses do not depend on irrelevant CLE sessions or articles, lectures, knowledge management, etc. They do their work and pay according to work. So ultimately one can earn more at a trilegal than the other firms which hold back your bonuses on these grounds. They are also clear on the variable structure like SAM unlike others who do not mention.
This is about khaitan!!! Hahaha. Well considering the current situation through the firm, the 1000 firm will become 500 after appraisal and bonuses I guess. Partners too planning to quit after bonus. Lot of discontent. Trilegal will be the true 1000 lawyer firm the coming year. Cam too has a lot of frustrated lawyers.
People are joining Trilegal because none of these people want to make partner. These youngsters only want to mint money in the short run.
Is Khaitan so bad, like really ? Few of my friends who work there describe it as heaven among the Tier 1 law firms, hence the genuine doubt.